10 easy recipes you can make using the instant pot with zero prep time

We are often subjected to immense life pressures on a daily basis that we barely have enough time for ourselves. This is made even worse when we cannot spare time to prepare a meal and have it with our families. Luckily, this problem has been solved with the introduction of pressure cookers. With a pressure cooker, you can quickly prepare a delicacy that tastes like you took a whole week to prepare. Below are 10 recipes you can make using a pressure cooker with zero prep time.

1. Pressure cooker mushroom Risotto

Under normal circumstances, the Risotto would take longer to prepare than to cook. This just serves to explain the power of the pressure cooker. The best way to prepare this is to mix it with a ton of mushroom flavor and add a little porcini. You can also add a little miso and two teaspoons of soy sauce and you got yourself a thick mushroom risotto.

mushroom rissoto

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2. Beef barley soup

Barley soup is best served with an ounce of oxtail. The normal recipe is prepared without a pressure cooker but for the time-deprived generation, the pressure cooker comes in handy. When preparing this, make sure to reduce the chicken stock because the moisture released by the beef and the vegetables when using a pressure cooker is a lot.

beef and barley soup

3. Colombian chicken stew with tomatoes potatoes and onion

Colombia is one of the destinations where pressure cookers are unavoidable. The high mountains mean that stove cooking can turn out to be excruciatingly slow. This is one of the simplest recipes you will make with a pressure cooker. You just need potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and the chicken and you are covered. You could throw in a bay leaf to increase the amount of liquid in the broth

Colombian chicken stew with tomatoes potatoes and onion4. Colombian Vegetable Soup

For this one, you will need corn, carrots, potatoes, peas, and some fava beans. The role of the tomatoes in this recipe is to create a thick creamy soup that resembles that of a dairy without losing the vegetable taste of the broth. This can easily be made using a stove but a pressure cooker would do the job much faster.

Colombian Vegetable Soup5. Corn soup

The corn soup is one of the simplest recipes that can only be prepared using a pressure cooker. The beauty with a pressure cooker is that it will carefully extract the flavors that make the soup tasty. The idea here is to ensure you cook even the cobs. The cobs will instantly add flavor to your stew and generate enough starch to thicken up your soup.

6. Chicken masala

The pressure cooker chicken masala is unique and a favorite Indian cuisine. The secret behind this is to combine paprika, cumin, turmeric, coriander and black pepper all in curry powder. Drop in your chicken pieces and wait for your magical chicken dish.

chicken masala7. Green chile with chicken

This recipe is the easiest among all the easy pressure cooker recipes. You need three types of pepper; spicy jalapenos, earthy poblanos, and anaheims. The latter are hard to come by but it would be nice if you could get them. Put everything together in one pot and cook. Get the chicken out and shred them, put all the pepper sauce together and you are ready to serve.

Green chile with chicken8. Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas should just be prepared with pressure cookers. Dip the chicken pieces and the sauce into the pressure cooker and let them cook. Once they are ready, roll the enchiladas and deep them into the cooker. Let them bake for about 20 minutes under the cover of cheese and then serve.

Chicken Enchiladas9. Tomato sauce

A pressure cooker is your best friend when you need to make homemade tomato sauce. You do not need to get fresh tomatoes. The beauty with a pressure cooker is that it will make it taste like it has been cooking for hours. Peel the tomatoes and deep them into the cooker. And you have your tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce10. Chicken noodle soup

The chicken noodle soup is your best friend when you are in a rush to catch the bus and have no time to put up a comprehensive meal. The pressure cooker is good at extracting all the flavors and giving you a thick, tasty broth that has been slowly cooked with less time.

Chicken noodle soup