137. Healing from Sexual Assault, Rape and Violence with guest Christine Ristaino

Here’s what we covered:

  • What led her to write her book ‘All The Silent Spaces’
  • Her terrifying story of being molested at age 9 by a man her family loved, raped at 21 by a man she didn’t know and later on beaten and assaulted in front of her two children.
  • The lesson from being attacked and assaulted three times in life by different men
  • The importance of having difficult conversations with your children about trauma, death, sexual violence, racism and rape.
  • Sharing your truth authentically with courage is healing
  • Public good and private bad – people are capable of both. It’s important to talk about the complexity of human nature.
  • Christine’s relationship with her body and sexuality post-sexual assault
  • How can women effectively bear witness to the stories of those who have experienced sexual assault and/or trauma?
  • How to become an integrated, whole-woman even after such a debilitating life experience.
  • Going from victim to a victor

Show Notes

Christine’s website Christine’s book on amazon