Does your child get sick a lot?

Last night was hell!

Both kids didn’t sleep. Y threw up three times, and each time I had to change her bedding just to find them full of puke an hour later.

S’s nose was congested and she kept waking up with hysterical crying.

This happened pretty much all night.

They didn’t sleep. We didn’t sleep. I hate when my kids get sick!!!

Why did this happen? If you asked me this question 4 years ago I wouldn’t be able to pin point the reason, but now I know. read on…

If you are following me for a while you know my personal story, and for about a year things have been really good. We’ve worked a lot on boosting immunity against colds so kids rarely got sick, they slept well, we slept well. Bottom line our quality of life was great.

All this made me somewhat doubt the validity of my assessment – my girls are allergic to dairy. After all, I am not a doctor, just a mom. What do I know, right?

A few months ago my husband suggested we should incorporate a little bit of dairy back into our lifestyle, so I did. We started buying organic yogurts, kefir, cheeses (pretty much everything except milk).

What’s summer without ice-cream? I thought, now that my kids’ immunity is strong, we can all relax and ‘enjoy life to the fullest’.

Tonight’s nightmare proved how wrong hubby and I were. Again.

We saw with our own eyes that sickness does not happen immediately. It evolves slowly but when it breaks free, your entire household suffers. Pasteurized dairy is vicious as it is highly acidic and because it doesn’t come in its raw form, lacks the alkalising component, making it an unbalanced food.

I can’t say we exaggerated with dairy, we didn’t.

After all mommy is a nutritionist.

Kids ate dairy twice a week at most, which postponed the illness but didn’t prevent it completely.

I share this with you because I don’t want you to think we don’t make mistakes or cheat the ‘rules’ sometimes, because we do!

Better nutrition is not about deprivation. It is a long road.

Don’t expect old habits to just vanish. It took a long time to cultivate bad habits and it will take a long time to subside them with healthier habits.

Consistency and perseverance are key!

Thank goodness I knew exactly what to do to help my girls fight off the illness, they woke up happy in the morning and both went to school/daycare.

Four years ago, I was desperate, miserable and confused. My oldest daughter was more home (and in the doctor’s office) than in daycare, which meant many lost work hours for me…

Healthy kids means – happier kids, happy parents and in general a better quality of life. And that is what I want for you.

Hope this inspires you not to give up and keep working on adapting to new changes, whether they are related to food or other aspects of life.

To your kids’ health!


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