Do you pack food for work? Check out these 5 really cute lunch box containers

This blog post was written by a guest blogger, Jane Blanchard, from (home remodeling ideas and inspiration). Jane has a few cool ideas for you and your family’s lunches.

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If you pack your lunch to work or your kids bring their lunches to school, there is nothing more disappointing than discovering that your sandwich got squished or soggy. You understand quickly that the key to a great lunch is keeping it organized. There are many cool and inventive lunchbox storage ideas on the market. You can toss out the brown lunch sack for good!

Here are 5 storage options that will allow you to enjoy your lunch all over again!

1. PlantBox Lunch Box


If your kids love entertainment while they eat, Planet Box is the right lunchbox for you. These boxes come with personalized magnets that can reflect your kid’s style. Once he or she gets bored with one set of magnets, you can replace them with other designs. Adults will enjoy the Planet Box too. Separate containers keep food from leaking into other compartments and an ice pack can keep food cold up to eight hours. The no-fuss cleanup is convenient for working parents. Slip the tray in the dishwasher at night and in the morning you can pack another lunch.

This is the most durable lunch box currently available on the market which will last you literally FOREVER!!! I recommend this lunch box to all busy moms who don’t have time thinking about a new lunch box container each year. Click here to read a comprehensive review of this lunch box. Click here for quick and easy PlanetBox lunch ideas.

2. Lunchbots

lunchbotsLunchbots are slim and lightweight so you can fit them in a purse, a child’s lunch or slip them into a backpack. If you don’t like plastic, these storage containers are perfect for you or your family. They are made out of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about chemicals like BPA. No need to wrestle with the lids because these containers are easy to open and close. An added bonus? These containers are
dishwasher safe.

3. Metal Tiffin Lunch Box

This lunch box is most suitable for older kids and adults as opposed to little kids, as it has an international flair to it. The metal tiffin box originates from India. If you need more room to pack your lunch, this tiffin will accommodate your needs. Large separate containers can hold soups or other liquids without spilling. The portable design is so convenient and durable you can even take it to your next camping trip.

4. Yumbox


YUMBOX is a kid-friendly, bento-style container that fits easily into a standard insulated lunch tote. YUMBOX is made out of two pieces (an exterior box and a tray insert) that fit together to provide a LEAKPROOF solution for wet foods like yogurt and applesauce.
The 6-compartment YUMBOX is for kids that like variety: it’s perfect for picky eaters!

5. Lunch Pot Lime

lunchpotThis lunch box is for you mamas! It is ideal for packing items like yogurt on the bottom bowl and granola on the top. If you love taking soups to work you can easily pack Minestrone in one container and sneak in some croutons in the other. With an attachable spoon, you don’t have to hunt around the office for a utensil.

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