Ep 1 – Why Does Health Begin With Mom?

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Mothers are amazing creatures. We are nurturers. Healers. Intuitives. Psychotherapists. Psychologists. Energy sensors. Born communicators. You got the point. We are AWESOME!

I believe that the Creator has gifted us with the ability to not only give birth to human beings but also to support, nurture, heal and help them become the best version of themselves. And while doing so learning about our own human potential as women and creators.

Almost all little girls dream of being a mommy. For some of us, this dream does come true and we get to be pregnant and birth a child. Others get to mother through adoption or even in the work they do in the world. Either way, motherhood is not easy. There is so much that you have to let go of or sacrifice for the sake of your family, but we do it with love, surrender, and compassion.

I am not talking about martyrdom. Sacrificing yourself for the sake of someone else never works. Especially not with children.

I am talking about deciding to show up to your life as the best version of yourself. Committing your efforts to justify your existence as a human being who gets to birth or raise a child, who will grow up to be a human being, a citizen of the world.

Surely you want to do a great job. And I believe you can. Otherwise, you would not get this privilege.

To be a mother is a big deal.

Only when you take care of yourself you can take care of anybody else. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Fill yourself up first and there would be plenty of food and nourishment for everyone in your household. When we mother from a place of empowerment, sisterhood, confidence, wisdom, and trust we raise children who turn to be people we need more of in this world.

A mother has the power to change herself, her family, her community and then the world at large.

The health of the world begins with us. Moms.

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