“What If My Husband Would Want Time Off Too? I Can’t Handle The Kids All By Myself!” [ep-102]

Hey mama,

Today on the show I am doing a follow up from last podcast (ep-101) where I talked about how to sleep in with a clean conscious and without responsibilities for just one day.

So many of you resonated with this message and I’m so glad!

One message I’ve received really touched my heart, so I am responding to it today:

Here’s what one mama wrote: “Thank you for the podcast! I understand you now! I will have to work on myself to get the guts to do something like that, or at the very least have a half day to myself. Confession, I know if I would do it, my husband will want to as well. Not sure I can handle the kids on my own for a full day and overnight. This is so shameful to admit, I can’t believe I am telling you this.”

Here’s my response to that.

Enjoy listening and let me know if you have any questions related to this topic. If there’s enough interest, I might do a series of Q&A.

Sending you much love & healing,