Hate Seeing Yourself In The Mirror? [ep-108]

Hey mama,

Meet Linda.

A 42-year-old wife and mama to two beautiful girls. An executive at a thriving start-up company.

She has everything she ever wanted. According to her parents she ‘won‘ at life.

So why does she feel like crap?

She is confused.
She doesn’t feel in control of her health.
She doesn’t feel like she knows what she’s doing.
She knows that she had neglected herself and her marriage.
She has zero interest in sex (her husband is pissed off about it).
She’s afraid that she’s screwing up her kids.
She’s burnt out.
In other words, she is ‘sucked dry’. 

Linda also can’t stand seeing herself in the mirror. She hates her body.
She wishes to be thinner and feels betrayed by her body. 

One thing Linda is sure of is that she is DONE.

Done suffering.
Done struggling.
Done feeling stuck.
Done feeling like a victim.
Done complaining and bitching about how bad she feels.

Linda is ready and willing to listen.


She had heard me say that today’s women suffer because of two factors that drag women down. Until she learns to set herself free from both of those things she will continue to suffer.

Wanna know what are those factors? Tune into today’s podcast episode.

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Enjoy listening!

Sending you much love and healing,