Ep 12 – Raising Boys and Understanding The Men In Our Lives With Guest Janet Allison

Ohh boy, it is so difficult to raise boys!!! I can definitely tell you that the complaints I hear from parents of boys are totally different than complaints of parents of girls. I myself have three girls, so I am definitely not an expert on raising boys. Today on the show I have Janet Allison, a parent coach who helps parents understand their boys better and bring out their best.

Here are the things we discuss:

  • How do boys/men communicate, play and listen?
  • How boys’ brains are different than girls’ brains?
  • Some tips on feeding boys?
  • How to praise boys?
  • How does testosterone work in males’ brains and how can we, moms/women, make the best use of this knowledge and understanding with regards to our boys and or our male partners?
  • How do you know your boy is thriving?
  • How to handle technology with boys?

Show Notes: 

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