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Hey mama,

Today I’ve done a live Ask Me Anything session over at my FB page and, here’s the replay.

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  • This session is called Ask Me Anything for a reason! I want you to bombard me with the questions you want to ask but never do because you’re afraid or because you’re shy.

I know some of you may feel a little shy about these topics, so no worries. You can just ask me via messenger and I will answer your question generally without mentioning your name.

But before we jump right into the Q&A, let me ask you: 

I’m opening up an honest conversation about this today because I’m seeing waaaaaaay too many women put up with a less-than-fulfilling life. 

And I want to ask you ladies point blank today: 

How long are you going to put up with this?

How long are you going to live in black and white when you could be enjoying full color?

When are you going to live a full life instead of a half-life?

I know you. 

you’re a busy mama, 

you are a good wife

a busy career woman or working on building your career.

you take care of your ageing parents

You have a million things on your mind. 

But I want you to stop for a second and ask yourself: 

When are YOU going to matter?

When will you start taking care of that beautiful body of yours? 

Is it going to have to get sick or break down before you pay attention to it?

When will you find out what your body is actually capable of?

What are you waiting for?

When will you choose yourself over everyone else?

WOMEN WANT (and deserve!) great sex!! 

But we feel like we have to hide it.

Women need sex. 

But we don’t just want good sex, we want GREAT SEX! 

That’s why erotic and romance books are a billion-dollar industry!  

Chances are, you (or someone you know) has read ‘fifty Shades of Grey with a different book cover on it’

There’s a reason women love the outlander series 

Let’s make all that happen for you in real life. 

It’s time to put the book down, turn off the TV and start living this in real life.

This is ALL available for you. 

This CAN happen for you too, you don’t have to keep seeing others enjoying themselves and getting pleasure from their body. 

This is not selfish. 

This is radical self-care. 

It’s called leading with feminine power. 

Your sexuality is an extension of you. 

It is a layer of your health and vibrancy. 

Women who don’t have a healthy sex life are not living life to the fullest. 

And I’m on a mission to change that.

Sex is a part of your human experience and pleasure is your birthright. 

It’s time for you to own your life. 

Trust your body 

And reclaim your sexy.  

So let’s get to it!

As you know I’ve launched a brand new groundbreaking health program for women called The Feminine Current Course and I’ve been getting a ton of questions about it from you guys. 

This program is designed to give you the tools you need to thrive as a woman, wife, and mother. 

Today we’re talking about your first steps towards unleashing your drive and desire for sex and pleasure. 

“OK… so let’s get to those questions!”

We have a lot to cover so let’s jump in:

I received a few questions from ladies over at my IG account but feel free to drop your questions in the comments section below or send them over to me via messenger.

As I said, I get it if you’re shy, and that it’s hard for you to talk about it. 

I still, however, want you to ask.

This is your life. 

Don’t be that woman who only lives a half-life.

Don’t be that woman who only lives as a half-woman. 

You deserve more. 

You want more. 

So let’s talk about how to get more in a way that feels sustainable to you as a woman but also as a wife and mother.  


“I feel like my body now belongs to my kids, and not my husband. Now when he wants sex, I feel like ‘UGH! Are you kidding me?! I don’t want anyone touching me right now…I need a break!’ What do I do?”

Woman! I want you to know that this is normal! 

Birth is a major physical event and many women experience something that is called birth rupture, or birth trauma after it.

That’s how it should be! 

If this is interesting to you read the phenomenal book ‘In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness’ by Dr. Peter Levine. 

He talks about how wild animals heal from trauma – they shake vigorously and then when they’re done they get up and continue their life. 

We are mammals too! 

But we don’t do this kind of stuff! 

Here’s the thing you need to understand, both birth and sex need your body to respond and open up. 

If you feel like you can’t open up for sex after birth, I want you to know that this is normal, but it doesn’t have to last longer than a couple of months postpartum. 

If you feel like this is still holding you back you need to ask for help. 

Try sexological bodywork, embodiment work, yoga, pelvic floor physiotherapy, orgasming, self-cultivation (aka, masturbation), dance and movement. 

This body of yours is capable of so much!!! 

You say that sex is important to our overall health…why is that?


Need research or data to back this up?  

Let’s go.     

Sex helps to relieve stress (a busy mama knows how that feels right?). 

So many moms are feeling uptight, pressed, squeezed and ‘sucked dry’ due to the never-ending responsibilities we have. 

When you have sex your body releases a magic hormone called Oxytocin and that helps you feel warm, relaxed, calmer, and like you are floating.   

Sure, you can reach for the wine, food, TV, gym, social media, etc to soothe yourself and relax, but why do that when your body knows how to relax if you only ask it.   

Before we go further, I want to set something straight.   

I’m not talking about using sex in an addictive manner.


What I’m talking about here is using it intentionally and deliberately as one very powerful tool you have to take care of yourself.

Studies show that when you orgasm regularly, your brain spends less time in fear and anxiety.

How nice would that be?

Prioritizing sex contributes to healthier marriages and lesser cheat rate. 

Let’s be honest here for a moment.   

Men need sex. 

You need sex (maybe a bit less but you still need it). 

If you feel exhausted and cranky most of the time, how do you think your husband sees you? 

How do you think your children see you?

What legacy are you leaving for them?

That life is hard?

That life is too much?

That happy marriage is a fantasy?  


It’s not true.   

These are limiting beliefs that I’ve also had in the past and have decided to be proactive about letting them go.   

I was tired of saying no to sex night after night. 

I was afraid that my husband will have to find somewhere else to get his needs met. 

I was afraid that we will get a divorce. 

I was afraid that I have lost a part of myself I used to be proud of. 

I was afraid my body is damaged and is no longer able to climax.   

I knew that sex is a part of a healthy and connected partnership and I wasn’t willing to let that slip.   

Researchers in Germany decided to conduct an experiment in 2012 testing the power of oxytocin.

They believed that high doses of the “love hormone” would cause men to consider going outside of their relationships, so they gave oxycotin to a group of (heterosexual) men and introduced them to a very attractive woman.

The subjects were asked to determine when the attractive woman was at an “ideal distance” or a “uncomfortable distance.”

Those who took oxytocin and were in monogamous relationships ended up distancing themselves about four to six inches farther than those who took oxytocin and were single.

The researchers hypothesized that instead of oxytocin causing coupled men to cheat, it instead compelled them to hold on tighter to the bond they have already formed with their girlfriends or wives! 

Pretty cool, right?

The more connected to you he feels, the more of his needs are met at home the less he will be compelled to do stupid things like a cheat or use external substances on himself or you! 

If your sex life needs work, put effort into it so that your marriage continues to thrive.

Want more data? 

You got it. 

This next reason will blow your mind! 

Husbands whose wives have orgasms regularly are healthier!

Research shows that men get health benefits from pleasuring a woman!

In one study, men claimed that they receive health benefits by just pleasuring a woman. 

In a New York Times article on One Taste (an organization in San Francisco that is devoted to the practice of “orgasmic meditation’), a man confessed that “fixing his attention on a tiny spot of a woman’s body improves his concentration at work.”

Woman! Do you get what I’m saying here?

Your body is so powerful that when you harness this power both you and your partner win.

I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to let that go. 

I can’t live my life knowing that I was born with this potential that I have never learned how to use it!

Do you struggle with sleep? 

Did you know that 32% of U.S. women use orgasms to help themselves fall asleep?

Look, I’m Canadian, but I have to say that I do this too and it works every time! 

Part of the reason women struggle with sleep is due to an inability to ‘turn off the switch’ and relax. 

When you orgasm your brain releases ‘happy hormones’ (oxytocin and endorphins) that help you to calm, relax and drop into a deep sleep.

Are You Depressed?

Did you know that semen, resulting from the male orgasm, could be an effective antidepressant for women? 

Yes, I’m not making this up! 

There was actually a study done at the State University of New York in Albany that showed that women who had sex without condoms had fewer signs of depression than women who used condoms or refrained from sex. 

I’m of course not endorsing having unprotected sex which could lead to an STD or unplanned pregnancy which could be an even greater reason for depression.

What I am saying here is that if you are in a long-term relationship, like marriage, sex is a healing tool I don’t want you to ignore. 

Need more reasons?

Healthy sex life and orgasming regularly alleviate pain, help you to live longer, stimulate your brain, help you look younger, and orgasms actually get even better and deeper as you age!

What does it mean to “live in the flow”? Like…what flow?

As a woman, you are a cyclical being. 

Living in the flow means to plug yourself back into your natural rhythm. 


Following the natural cycle of your hormones, energies. 

The way you eat, exercise and socialize are all different in each one of the phases and you need to know this so you can feel stronger, more energized and have more desire for sex and pleasure. 

Why didn’t our moms tell us this stuff?!

They didn’t know!! 

The longer you push this away the harder it would be for you to enjoy your life. 

My mom always tells me that life only gets more complicated and she feels like her body is always screwing her over. 

I strongly disagree!

Your body will never screw you over like that. 

It’s just that we don’t understand what it wants. 

Living in the flow means to listen to the body, pay attention, build a health team for ourselves and ‘keep the pulse’ on your health at all times. 

Yes, as women, we are more volatile. 

Our hormones, the gut, brain, psyche, along with our emotional and mental systems are all very sensitive to the environment. 

Environmental toxins, skincare, food, water, energetic toxicity, stress, etc. 

All of these bombard us all day long.

“So, can you tell me more about your course? Who is it for?” 


This course is for kick-ass women who are DONE struggling. 

This course is for wives and mothers. 

There are many courses out there geared towards women, this course takes it to the next level. 

As wives and mothers, we don’t live in a vacuum. 

We have dependants who take a lot of our time and energy and this needs to be addressed and taken into account.

For this very reason, I have kept all the recipes super easy and simple. Because I know that you have picky eaters, and the last thing you need is to cook multiple meals. 

This is also designed for women who are in a committed relationship meaning that you are hopefully in an interdependent relationship. 

You need to know how to communicate what you’re going to learn with me with your partner. 

Especially since this course touches your sex life, your hubby needs to be involved as well, so I will teach you how to pass this info to him as well.  

This is for women who can’t afford to live their life at half capacity, 

having low levels of energy, 

be grumpy and groggy for too long. 

This is for women who cherish and value their sacred work at home and are not willing to be nice at work but come home and unload shit over on the kids and husband. 

This is for women who want to understand themselves better. 

Understand their bodies better

Understand their hormones better and know what to do to balance them. 

This is for women who want to enjoy a nourishing and enjoyable sex life with their husbands but, for whatever reason, feel disconnected from him. 

This is for women who are tired of dieting and want to learn how to take care of their female body in a way that nourishes and helps them to feel stronger, more energized, lighter and sexier as a woman. 

This is for women who are on the verge of a mental breakdown: 

* You’re so tired you’re afraid you’ll get into a car accident because you fell asleep at the wheel

* You scroll through your phone until it’s midnight when you know you need to be sleeping 

* You end up eating junk off your kids’ plates [when you remember to eat at all]

* You find yourself yelling at your husband and the kids at home, but pretend like everything is great when you go out

* You’re taking antidepressants and want to get off of them but afraid of side-effects

* You “eat your feelings”

* You feel out of control emotionally

This is also for women who are already manifesting physical symptoms: 

* Your bloodwork says you’re healthy but you know something is not right

* You’re not physically able to keep up with your busy and rushed lifestyle. 

* You get sick often, or you got sick a lot as a child. (Perhaps your adenoids and/or tonsils were removed in childhood)

* You have a thyroid condition which runs in your maternal line

* You have digestive issues and sometimes you feel embarrassed in public (i.e. bloating, cramps, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn)

* You’ve been dieting for as long as you can remember

* You want to ditch the prescriptions

* You have issues with your period (missed periods, heavy and painful flow, PMS symptoms, PCOS, etc)

* You’ve experienced swollen feet, acne, period problems, inflammation due to the Depo-Provera shot, Post-pill symptoms

* You’ve had miscarriages

* You’ve struggled with infertility 

* You exercise regularly but still gain weight and struggle to keep it off

* You have a low sex drive but you used to love sex!

My life is fine. Why do I need this?

You deserve more. 

You were meant for more. 

You were made for more. 

No one is talking about the one topic that you want to hear. 

Your sexuality,

Your body 


All of those things don’t matter, right?

Who has time for sex?

Who has time for fun?

Who has time for nonsense?

I am here to call a huge BS on that!!

Who is this course NOT for?

  • You like complaining. Taking action is for the birds. 
  • You like lying to yourself. Self-improvement isn’t real anyway.
  • You don’t need any guidance, you’re totally fine. 
  • You hate groups of supportive, caring women.

Is this a weight loss type of program? Or is this a sex therapy course? 


I want to be clear, this is not a weight loss program. 

However, if you implement the strategies I will teach you consistently – you will lose weight! 

This is how the body works. 

Give it what it needs and it will provide for you. 

If being lean is your normal weight you will get there effortlessly. 

Another point, I am not a sex therapist, so no this is not a sex therapy course. 

I am a registered holistic nutritionist and a female desire coach. 

Up until now, I have invested thousands of dollars into my own education and my own health and personal development so I feel strong in both areas. 

In terms of percentage, it will probably be something like 70-30.

The first part of our sessions together will take up about 70% of our time together and will look like health coaching and nutrition education, where we will spend a lot of time talking about your body, hormones, poop, food, energy, menstrual cycle, and libido. 

As a registered holistic nutritionist this is my jam! 

The other part of our sessions will take up about 30% of our time together and will include life and soul coaching where I will guide you through various processes depending on what comes up. 

This is a holistic health program for women which addresses all of you, not just a part of you. 

I’m a RHN and have taken countless courses on life and soul coaching, as well as therapy and life coaching as part of my own healing journey. 

I am deeply passionate about both areas and qualified in both. 

What are we going to do in this course?

This course is an online live group coaching program. 

This is not a recorded course for you to follow on your own pace. 

I have personally taken these type of courses before but unfortunately, they don’t work. 

What does work, is a personal touch and doing the work. 

We will be meeting once a week for six weeks for 90 minutes.
The first 45 minutes I will take you even deeper into the Six Female Markers. 

The rest of the time we will have a group discussion.

This is a great place to get your questions answered as well as to get support, understanding, and love from a group of women.

If you’re feeling lonely and craving a village this is it!
You will have this community forever, even after the course is over as you will be a part of this FB group for as long as this course exists.

What is included with the course?

  • Six Group Coaching Sessions (90 minutes each) teaching you more about women’s health, nutrition, and the six female markers. Each session will begin with training and close with a group discussion and Q&A.
  • All lessons will be recorded and sent to you via email. You will have unlimited access to this course including future updates.
  • Female Daily Tracking accountability – I will personally check your female markers and help you put two and two together to see the full picture of what is going on in your body.
  • Secret Facebook group where you can share your FEMALE daily tracking sheets (you don’t have to), and experiences as you progress with the course, as well as get feedback from me and the group.
  • Access to me via email and Voxer (for further questions) throughout the course.
  • Cycle Syncing Recipes (All recipes are family-friendly, most are 10 ingredients or less, take less than 30 minutes to make, and easy!). I’ve designed this course for busy moms, so feeding yourself will never feel like a chore ever again!
  • Bonus for action takers: if you purchase this course by July 18th, you’ll get an exclusive 1:1 60-minute coaching session with me. Spaces are limited to six spaces only, so take action fast!

Will this really help me?

If you know that you are ready for change, are done with commiserating and suffering and are ready for change then this will work! 

As long as you stay open and coachable you will benefit from this program. 

The more you overthink it, the less likely it is to work for you. 

Lean in, trust the process and enjoy the ride!

What if I don’t trust myself enough to follow through with this program. 

Trust is a big topic for women. 

Trust, or lack of it, originates in fear as well as in victim mentality. 

When you know yourself well enough then you are able to trust yourself because you’ve collected enough evidence. 

When you don’t know yourself and what you’re capable of because you keep bailing out or hiding it’s really hard to trust yourself. 

This is why you need to be a part of this program! 

This program is designed to give you the tools and awareness to trust yourself more. 

Self-trust is absolutely necessary in order for you to enjoy your sex life. 

You need to learn to trust yourself and trust your partner. 

Take this course as an opportunity to start trusting yourself more. 

Another similar question I’ve received is: I don’t trust myself that my husband is capable of pleasuring me.  

This is an important question you need to sit with. 

Are you asking me whether you trust yourself or are you scared that your husband is not the right person for you? 

This course is not marriage counselling, of course, but you will get a chance to poke at this more if you haven’t yet given yourself the permission to do so yet. 

What if my husband is not into this?

I get it. 

It takes two for great sex. 

But I also want you to know this: It only takes one person to alter a relationship. 

If your marriage is a bit shaky, it is possible to change this around 180% with only one person taking the charge. 

This is why my company is called Health Begins With Mom

I wholeheartedly believe that the woman, wife and/or mother has the power to change the dynamics in her house. 

This is the power of women.

If your husband is not supporting you in this that is OK. He is allowed to have an opinion of his own. But you have got to stop to take his opinion as the ultimate, written in stone kind of thing. 

Every time I wanted to invest money into my personal growth my husband said no. 

This is not because he is not a good guy or a bad husband. 

He is just different from me. 

He is also risk-averse and in general, is less likely to make investments in himself unless they are small. 

Every time I said ‘yes’ to coaching or growing, I had to lovingly say ‘no’ to him. 

I had to choose myself over his fears and insecurities. 

Of course, you have to do this in a way that will not jeopardize your marriage. 

I have a very busy life and don’t have time for this. How do I fit this in?

I get it, you’re busy. 

Your life is full. 

What needs to happen in order for you to pay attention to yourself?

Do you need to get into a serious car accident?

Do you need to get fired?

Do you need to get Cancer?

Do you need to get a divorce?

Don’t be that woman who lived so much for others that she forgot about herself. 

What does all of it matter if you’re unhappy?

What does it matter if you are sad?

None of the things you work so hard for, matter if you go to bed crying every night. 

If your responsibilities suck the joy out of you who is going to stop it?

If you feel like you don’t have time for yourself you need to stop and ask yourself why. 

Think about it for a second. 

We do have time for the things we value. 

If, for example, you’d get a phone call from school right now to come to pick up your child because they have a fever, would you find the time?

What if someone passes away and you need to go to the funeral. Would you find the time to go? 

Of course, you would. 

You do have time. 

You are just not used to spend it on yourself! 

This has got to change! 

You matter. 

You are worthy of your time. 

If you don’t allocate the time for yourself, no one will ever will! 

I promise you this. 

Your kids. 

Your husband

Your mom

Your work.

Your friends. 

None of them will give you time. 

It’s your job to self-advocate and reclaim it for yourself. 

In terms of weekly investment of time for this course, you’re looking at about 2 hours. 90 minutes for the live sessions and about 30 minutes to fill out the Female Daily Tracking sheets. 

I can’t afford it. 

With money investment, it is very similar to investing time. 

You don’t invest financially in things you don’t value. 

Think about this. 

Let’s say you have no money in the bank and you get a phone call from your kids’ school that he or she needs a psychoeducational analysis done to rule out ADHD. 

You don’t have the money, but somehow you find it. Why? Because your child is important to you. 

What I want you to get from this is that you need to be important for yourself. 

No one is going to show up at your door handing you a cheque for 1000 to invest in yourself with Dorit. 

It won’t happen. 

If you believe that this course can help you become a better version of yourself you will find the money. 

I know you will. 

Just like I did every time I invested in myself. 

I couldn’t live a second more in chaos, clutter, and conflict. 

I wanted more. 

I knew I was meant for more.

I knew that I wasn’t living up to my fullest potential as a woman, wife, and mother.   

The question you need to ask yourself is not: what if I can’t afford this, but what if I don’t value myself enough to invest in myself? 

Let’s address this question: what if I don’t value myself enough to invest in myself? 

Why don’t you value yourself enough to invest in yourself?

What is worthy of investment?

Is a child of God worthy?

Is a daughter of God worthy?

Are the producer, the project manager, and the one who runs the show worthy?

Is a flower worthy of water?

Is a child worthy of it moms’ love?

You are all of those things! And you are worthy!

So why aren’t you worthy of investing in yourself? 

You are not getting younger

You are not getting ….?

What is your refund policy?

I want you to feel safe and clear as you decide to purchase this course. It’s an investment in you, and it’s important that you feel prepared to take this step. 

There are some gross practices out there when it comes to online courses, we’ve all seen it. I don’t want you to feel that way as you work with me.

So here’s the policy for this course:

You have two weeks to try out the course. Do the work, ALL OF IT, for two weeks.

If you feel you didn’t get any value out of the course, simply send us all of your completed homework before August 8, 2019. Please take note of this date. I will not be issuing refunds after August 8, 2019.

I want you to be crystal clear. You must let me know before August 8th. As soon as you return your completed homework, you’ll receive a prompt refund.

This complete money-back guarantee is only available for two weeks after your purchase, and you must send us your completed homework.

If you’re not able to show us your completed work, we can’t offer the refund. We want you to get started, jump in and go for it. This course is for serious women who are ready to thrive. If that doesn’t sound like you, you may want to consider a different course.

Can you guarantee results?

No. I can’t guarantee specific results or increased libido. 

That’ll be up to you and the work you put into this course. 

Will I want to have more sex at the end of the course?

If you follow the feminine current course like I have designed it, you’ll know why your sex desire is off as well as what to do in order to tweak it for next time. 

I’ll walk you step by step, one female marker at a time so you learn what to pay attention to, and how to make sense of it all. 

Once you do have an opportunity for intimacy, you’ll have greater body awareness and you should enjoy your body more as a result.  

If you have any more questions please let me know! I am happy to answer them for you! 

Thank you for those of you who stayed for this entire FB live! Now is the time for me to pick the winner of the free seat into the Feminine Current course! 

Are you ready for this?

The winner is…. 

Marina Moshe! Thank you, Marina, for sticking around this whole time and for sharing this video with your tribe. I really appreciate this. 

Are you still unsure if this course is right for you? 

I’ve cleared up my calendar for the next three days only so if you need to get on the phone with me before investing, it is available for you! 

I don’t want you to feel like you’re missing out because there was something that I haven’t addressed in today’s questions. 

I want you in that course, so please schedule a call with me today. 

Head on over to my website: and click on ‘let’s connect’ from there you can book your discovery call with me and I am happy to answer all the questions you have regarding the course as well as helping you with onboarding. 

If you are ready to join the course, this is the link to register:

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