125. Sexual Vitality, Hormones and The Gut Microbiome – Interview with Susan Bratton

Hey mama,

Today’s episode is a juicy one (pun intended)!

I get to chat with Susan Bratton from Personal Life Media. 

Here’s what we talked about: 

  • She shared how she fixed her failing marriage
  • What is sexual maturation
  • The role of sex hormones in our bodies
  • How to be a well-loved woman
  • How to be Dr. Mom without burning out
  • Feminine & Masculine energies
  • The ‘husband training program’
  • Do you feel healthy enough to prioritize sex?
  • How to balance your hormones and heal the gut
  • The important trio each woman has to master – Desire, Libido and Arousal.
  • How to get your body into a daily state of detox (Pee, Poo and Sweat like a goddess)

Here’s a bit more info about Susan:

Susan Bratton is a champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships. Considered the “Dear Abby of Sex,” Susan’s fresh approach and original ideas have helped millions of people of all ages and across the gender spectrum transform sex into passion. 

Married to her husband Tim since 1993, Susan is an author, award-winning speaker, and serial entrepreneur who teaches passionate lovemaking techniques to her fans around the world. Susan has been featured in The New York Times and on CNBC and the TODAY show as well as appearing on ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and on NBC as the “Marriage Magician.”

Susan is Chair Emeritus of the ad:tech conference; she was both CMO and a member of the Board of Directors for an Anthony Robbins tech start-up as well as serving on numerous boards throughout her career. In 2009, Susan was honored as a “Silicon Valley Woman of Influence” by The Business Journal and as a “Top 10 Internet Pioneer” by AdAge Magazine. In 2010, was bestowed the Lifetime Industry Achievement award by dmg World Media.

Susan’s straight-talking, fearless approach is rooted in her personal experience of watching her sex life wither while she and her husband pursued dynamic careers. When their relationship hit a crisis point, the couple made a fierce commitment to do whatever it took to keep their family together and revive the passion in their marriage. Today, she and her husband have the kind of dream relationship most people long-since stopped believing is even possible—until they discover Susan’s teachings. 

Susan is CEO and co-founder (with her husband) of Personal Life Media. Through her company, Susan has authored 20 books including Relationship Magic, The Passion Patch and 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic, as well as her International #1 Amazon best-seller, Sexual Soulmates: The 6 Essentials for Connected Sex.

She has also created and published numerous online courses including her wildly popular Revive Her Drive and Steamy Sex Ed® DVD Collection, as well as programs such as: Seduction Trilogy, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, The Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men, Female Liquid Orgasm, and Keep Her Coming.

Millions of couples and singles have been touched by her TV appearances and Better Lover YouTube channel. Through her Insider’s Club newsletter at Personal Life Media.com, Susan gives away, free of charge, countless MP3 audios, videos, articles, and ebooks. 

Susan believes that shame-free, frequent sexual pleasure is every man and woman’s birthright:  “After 25 years of marriage, I know from experience that deep, passionate intimacy with my partner is priceless: a priority that tops my list of must-haves alongside good health and the love of family and friends. I have made it my mission to aid anyone who wants the kind of lovemaking that improves with age.” 

She and her husband split their time between their home on Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California and their cozy beach shack in Encinitas, with occasional trips to far-off lands to visit their globe-trotting daughter. 


Susan S. Bratton

CEO, Personal Life Media, Inc.

Mobile +1 (650) 248-3483

“Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions ?”


Skype: Personal Life Media

Publicity Requests: Aldie Pilena aldie@personallifemedia.com

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