Ep 13 – Dealing With Mom Guilt With Guest Tamar Spilberg

Mom-guilt is a destructive feeling which creeps in all of us across the board, but it is really important to remember that it is a feeling. And what we all have to remember is that feelings are temporary and do pass. So if you have a mindfulness practice and you do allow yourself to take the time, breathe and let the feeling rush through you, eventually it will pass. I love this quote: “This too shall pass…”

Today on the show I am talking with Tamar Spilberg, who is first and foremost a mother and a family therapist and we talk about mom guilt. What causes it, why it happens, our core beliefs, and how to manage ourselves when this feeling strikes.

Tamar Spilberg focused her entire career on cultivating skills needed to help people who are suffering. Tamar has helped children and adults dealing with all kinds of mental health afflictions, including anxiety disorders, social issues, eating disorders, depression, and self-esteem problems. She has helped repair dysfunctional family units, rekindle waning relationships, and re-open lines of communication among individuals locked in conflict. Tamar has extensive experience in helping those in abusive relationships, as well as people dealing with divorce, separation, and parenting, in a safe, and attentive therapeutic environment. Her space encourages profound sharing and communication.

Tamar’s personal life has also given her an intimate and experiential insight into family dynamics. Tamar lives happily in Richmond Hill with her husband and four children, and her lifestyle embodies the balance she strives to share with her patients.

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