Ep 15 – Winning Breast Cancer With Aggressive Positivity, Art and Music With Guest Limore Twena

Hi guys, welcome back to the podcast! I am Dorit Palvanov, your host. Health Begins With Mom is the place for moms who want to learn how to thrive as women, wives, and mothers. Today I’m hosting a very special guest on the show, someone I’ve met through the Jewish community here in Toronto. Her name is Limore Twena.

Limore is a wife, mother, a painter, a Judaica artist and a trained opera singer with a 3-octave range. She has performed for the Jackson Family, the LA police in honor of Shaquille O’Neal, the mayor and many more. She has worked with renowned Grammy-winning producers who’ve worked with Madonna, U2 The Rolling Stones and Andrea Bocceli.

I met Limore for the first time about three years ago and heard her beautiful voice. She is talented beyond belief!

As you know this show is not about music or the arts, but about health and specifically women’s health and the reason I wanted to have Limore on the show today is because she has been going through some rough times lately after being diagnosed with breast cancer and found it extremely inspiring how she was coping with the disease through self-love, making beautiful art and reaching, even more, people with her voice. Unfortunately, cancer is so prevalent among us these days and it is truly heartbreaking to see mothers leaving loved ones behind. When I saw how she copes with the disease by taking aggressive action, surrounding herself with community, love, life force and the right mindset.
I have reconnected with her after an event she performed at where she had revealed her story and took off the wig off her head. It was heartbreaking, but at the same time, it was so raw, vulnerable and beautiful to see this woman giving even though she really needs to be on the receiving end. So today I want to talk to her about her health struggle, her family, career and how she uses her art to cope with such a challenging time in her life. I think you and I are going to leave in tears, inspired and motivated to keep going and fight for what matters in our lives.

With that said, Here’s my interview with Limore:

Show Notes

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By My Mother’s Hand – A Book Limore Co-Wrote with her grandfather