Ep 16 – Eating Healthy On A Budget With Guest Nicole Cooley

Welcome back to another episode of the Health Begins With Mom Episode. I am Dorit Palvanov, your host. Today on the show we are talking about money, and more specifically, how to make healthy eating more affordable with value-based spending. But before we jump into today’s interview, I would like to tell you about a webinar I am hosting that is coming up. It is called: How To Have a Healthy Meal Every Day Even When You Don’t Have Time? This is totally free to you and I have created two time slots for you to choose from. One during the day and one in the evening, both of them in EST. I have a link to the registration page in the show notes below this episode if you are listening on your phone, or you can also go to my website: healthbeginswithmom.com/ep-16.

Alright, let’s jump to today’s interview. One of the questions I hear again and again in my coaching calls with parents is their struggle with the cost of eating healthy. I personally see healthy eating as a high leverage activity and an investment in my family’s health, and so I will invest more money into better quality food and save on other things such as eating out, clothes (I don’t buy brand names), shoes, travel (we’ll do a camping trip instead of an expensive vacation abroad every year. Stuff like that. Although I can definitely give you some ideas and tips on how to make healthy eating more affordable, I am not a money coach. So today on the show I am talking with Nicole Cooley who is a money coach and trainer.

Nicole Cooley helps her clients manage their family finances by building a system to track their spending, creating debt and savings plans, exploring limiting beliefs and learning about value-based spending.  Her company, Money With Moxie, teaches women to be powerful with money and use it as a tool to design their ideal life.

Here’s what we cover today:

  • What is money coaching and who is it for?
  • What is value-based spending?
  • How to apply value-based spending to healthy eating?
  • How to balance value based spending and debt repayment?
  • How to get your partner on board with adopting value-based spending?
  • Should you be having more or fewer credit cards

Show Notes

How To Have A Healthy Meal Every Night Even if You Don’t Have Time – Webinar Registration

Nicole’s website  

Download your Budgeting Starter Kit Here

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