Ep 17 – Don’t Eat Your Way Through This!

Today I am excited to introduce you to a new section of the podcast which is called Don’t Eat Your Way Through This! This is where I will share some of my own insights and lessons from my motherhood, parenting and healing journey and also from my clients. Of course, this would all be confidential, but the intention here is to give you a glimpse into a coaching session and the kind of things I work through with parents. One of my visions for families around the world is to have more focus on connection and keeping the family together as opposed to obsessing over health and nutrition. Yes, nutrition is important, but, if I have a choice, I will always take nutritional deficiency, which is easier to reverse and fix as opposed to emotional stagnation or years of disconnection from my child.

In today’s show, I walk you through some of my daughter’s struggle with food and how we navigate through that. Please remember that this work doesn’t have an end goal or end destination. As humans, we are always growing, evolving and changing. With higher awareness and allowing yourself to be proactive instead of reacting and blaming you can do much more good and by doing so better the quality of your relationship with your child.