Ep 23 – Healing From Grief After A Miscarriage Using Essential Oils With Guest Katie Williams

Hi sweet mama, and welcome to Health Begins With Mom Podcast, I am Dorit Palvanov your host. I’ve created this podcast for all of us women who are in the trenches of raising little human beings, struggling to feed them, support them emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our children need us, and we need them, but I think one of hardest things in this process is to realize that the most challenging work of motherhood is to raise ourselves. The hardest thing to do is not to be a mother to them, but to mother yourself. I refer to this process as “adulting”, which is realizing that even when times are hard it is our responsibility to show up as an adult, ask for help when needed, stay connected to other people who are going through a similar experience, but no matter what please, DO NOT SUPPRESS your emotions, do not numb yourself with drugs, alcohol, food or other external things. We all struggle, we all go through hard moments, and it is definitely understandable that we need time to heal and retreat, but at the end of the day life goes on, and we need to figure out how to be able to not only function and survive during these hard times, but also to thrive as a woman, as a wive and as a mother. My intention with this show is to create space for all of us, to learn from each other, and to always know that we are not alone!

I love featuring women and mothers who have been through rough times and helped themselves or the people around them heal with some sort of holistic modality or alternative medicine. Today I am talking with a mama who has been through a heartbreaking loss of one of her babies and her story of pulling herself out of the darkness using essential oils.

Katie is a mother to 6 wonderful children, including one true angel. She is married to her best friend and wishes she lived in a musical. Katie has extensive experience in multiple energy healing techniques including The Emotion Code, The Body Code and in using essential oils to help regulate emotions. Katie is passionate about helping women work through their difficult suppressed emotions and setting them free. Her mantra is: Control your emotions, Control your life!

Show Notes

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson 

The Boy Code By Dr. Bradley Nelson

Healing grief with essential oils by Katie Williams