Ep 31 – Getting Your Momjo Back with Liat Kerbel Horovitz and Carolina Rzeznikiewiz Co-creators of Momjo

I remember when I first became a mom I was super motivated and excited, full of stamina and grit, and I’ve put all of myself into mothering and parenting. Then, when baby #2 come along I kinda got the hang of it all and realized that this is not exactly what I’ve envisioned in the beginning. Rest, fun and true joy were pushed to the side and the “responsible me” kicked in to do the work, whether it is parenting my kids or my day to day job. But what happens when you work at a place that drains and sucks the life out of you? If you are surrounded by negativity, drama and small talk all day long, or if you realize that you do work that is not inspiring or really important in the world? Or what if you have a soul ache that calls you to explore more of yourself, try something new and find your true purpose?

On top of all that, every day you come back come to crying babies, needy kids, homework, dishes, laundry and a husband with his own needs? How do you think this woman shows up in her life as a mother? Will she enjoy her children? Will she be able to see them for who they truly are without projecting her own discomfort onto them? How would this woman show up in her marriage? Will she be able to enjoy her sex life, explore more of her sensuality and body with her partner? How will she show up in her life? Happy and joyful? Or bitter and miserable?

For most of us, this looks like overwhelm, chronic stress, we feel like we want out every single day, some of us even regret we did this to ourselves n the first place. It’s hard, it’s challenging, uninspiring, and soul-sucking. So many women I work with feel like they have to suck it up, put their big girls pants on and keep going. They must do what they need to do, wait it out and then, 18 years later, MAYBE things will change. Sometimes this becomes really dangerous as this void in the soul is literally manifested as a disease in the body. None of us wants that, of course. But what do you do? How do you change? Can you change?

I think the first thing we must realize is that this is a choice. Every day is a choice. You deserve this, you are worthy of it and you are enough. You can either live your life on auto-pilot or choose to seek out ways to thrive as a woman, wife and a mother.This is exactly what we are exploring, together, on this podcast and in the THRIVE Mastermind for Conscious Mothers who are ready to make a difference in their lives with regards to their health, wellbeing, relationships, marriage, and parenting. Show up for yourself because you are worth it!

So Today I have a fun interview with two mamas, Liat and Carolina, co-creators of the Momjo movement which is all about inspiring, empowering, motivating and entertaining moms. They both have three kids, like myself, and I love their fun, honest and vulnerable YouTube videos targeted at moms like you and I and, calling us to embrace our passions, curiosity, and individuality.

I love their style, humor, vulnerability, and glow but most of all I love the fact that they are my neighbors and I actually got to hang out with them once in the playground with our kids! So cool to be able to hug these women in person! We’ve had some issues with the sound but I think our conversation was so juice and interesting so I decided to launch it anyway.

So without further ado, here’s my interview with Liat and Carolina!

Show Notes

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