Ep 36 – GNM – A Revolutionizing New Approach To Health With Dr. Alvin De Leon

Before we get into today’s interview, I have a quick announcement. I am opening the doors to my signature 4-week program Teach Your Kids To Eat Vegetables, which is all about teaching you how to feed your kids healthfully with more love, compassion, understanding and good sense.

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want our child to grow healthy and live up to his/her potential. At the end of the day, we want to give them a good start in life.

Before jumping to big ideas like helping them live up to their potential, can we all agree that keeping them alive is a challenge on its own? I mean, one of the most challenging responsibilities of a parent is to feed our children, but what do you do when they refuse food? When he/she can go days on end without eating? Or eating very little?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have carved out the time to make a beautiful, nutritionally balanced meal for your family, and your child doesn’t want to eat it
  • Your child routinely eats very little (which you find to be worrisome)
  • Your child doesn’t want to sit at the table, keeps jumping up and down and not honoring the idea of ‘sitting down to eat’
  • Your child eats very slowly (and you find it extremely annoying)
  • You have to use distractions (TV, phone, toys, etc) to keep your child engaged and interested in food.
  • You have to run around after your child because that’s the only way he/she will eat.
  • You feed your child in the bath because that’s the only way he/she eats willingly
  • Your child is too lean but doesn’t seem lethargic.
  • Your child is full of energy, however, eats very little
  • Your child is constipated most of the time and you don’t know how to help.
  • You dread meal time, you wish someone else could do it for you.
  • You don’t enjoy cooking and resort to processed foods and then feel guilty for doing so

In the holiday spirit, I offer this course at a 30% discount and you can find more information about this in the show notes either on iTunes, Stitcher or on my website, healthbeginswithmom.com/ep-34. This is a great course for parents who are tired of food battles and using food as reward or punishment. I believe that food is life’s greatest pleasures and as parents, we can give this gift to our children – the gift of having a positive relationship with food. If you have any questions regarding this course, please feel free to email me at dorit@healthbeginswithmom.com or by sending me a private message on FB, I go under Dorit Palvanov.

Alright, now let’s get into today’s show! I am so excited for today’s episode, finally, it is happening!! Today’s guest is someone I have been thinking about sharing with the world even before the podcast was in the plans! You guys know that I am a strong believer that in order to thrive in this human experience we have to learn how to regulate our emotions. Human beings are emotional beings and emotions play a huge role when it comes to healing as well. True healing is only possible when we take back control of our own health when we stop looking outside of ourselves for someone to heal or save us. Whether this “someone” is a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, chiropractor, or a psychic. As a human being you have access to an unbelievable powerhouse which is your body and energy, and when you know how to work with it and live your life in alignment with the laws of nature, then and only then can you truly heal yourself. Imagine how powerful that would be if you taught your kids to do the same? My goal with this podcast is to introduce you to the people, practitioners, and leaders from the world of alternative health and wellness that can help you take the first steps on this journey. I want you to educate yourself so that you can pass on this lost wisdom to your children and future generations so we can stop unnecessary suffering and start tapping more easily into health, abundance, well-being, vitality so we can stop to just exist or survive through our days and instead THRIVE as women, wives, and mothers.

Dr. Alvin De Leon is a father of 2 and a natural health practitioner and licensed chiropractor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from York University with combined honors in Psychology and Kinesiology.  He graduated magna cum laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2002 and has since continued to educate himself on various mind-body therapies. It was during this journey that Dr. Alvin first learned about Dr. Hamer’s research on the science of GNM (German New Medicine) and The Five Biological Laws.  He began his GNM studies in 2008 and has since fully integrated GNM into his clinical practice.  With over 15 years of clinical experience, he has helped thousands of people understand the emotional component of their physical symptoms so that they can have relief and get back to doing what they love.  Since 2009, Dr. Alvin has been giving monthly GNM presentations in the Vaughan, Ontario region as well as online GNM webinars. His goal is to help reduce people’s health fears and to empower them to be the experts of their bodies.

Here’s what we cover on the show: 

  • Introduction to GNM (German New Medicine) and why it’s important for parents?
  • Why should food not be used as a cause of illness or diseases and what’s the right approach to food according to GNM?
  • The five biological laws
  • How do explain cancer according to GNM?
  • Are drugs, antibiotics, fever lowering medicine necessary according to GNM?
  • Is chiropractic or any other healing modalities even necessary when someone is applying the GNM method?
  • How to manage febrile seizures?
  • What do the skeptics say about GNM?

Without further ado, here’s my interview with Dr. Alvin De Leon!

Show Notes 

Teach Your Kids To Eat Vegetables Course For Parents of Picky Eaters  

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