Ep 42 – Thriving In Your Marriage and Relationships with Tal Dew Shaish

You are a woman.

You might be a wife.

You might be a mother.

Regardless, in order to thrive in your life, you will have to master being in connection and relationship with other human beings. This is just a fact of life. As human beings, and especially as women, we are wired for connection, conversation, communication and relating to other beings. One of the most significant relationships you will ever have is your relationship with your spouse or partner. For most of us, the beginning is great, exciting and sparkled with confetti and pink candy. And then, things basically go downward from there. In my work with women I hear complains such as “he’s not the man I married”, “there were so many promises that didn’t actualize”, “we’re growing apart”, “we live like roommates, and have nothing to talk about other than the house logistics and the kids”.

So what do we do? What can we do to keep the love alive?

Today on the show I am chatting with Tal Dew Shaish who is a personal coach, mentor and the author of the book “The 12 Keys to Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates”. In her work she’s training people to better interpersonal communication, leading them to breakthroughs in their personal and romantic lives. With many (many) years of being a single woman, endless relationships and dates under her belt, Tal brings a unique outlook on the world of older singles, and on interpersonal communication between couples.

Here’s what we cover on the show:

  • Tal’s personal “300-dates” story
  • Why do relationships lose their spark and excitement over time?
  • What can we do in order to strengthen our relationships and make them last long-term?
  • Why it’s important to let the father play an active role in raising the kids
  • Why shouldn’t we be fighting in front of the kids?
  • The importance of nourishing yourself within the “confinement” of a relationship
  • What is the new model of relationship?

I think you are going to love this show, especially since it’s going live on Valentines Day! So happy valentines and hope you’ll listen to this podcast interview and implement some of the tips Tal shares. I would love to know what are your takeaways from this episode, your feedback is super important to me since this is how I learn about your interests so I can keep producing content you care about and find interesting. So feel free to reach out to me at dorit@healthbeginswithmom.com.

Now, without further ado, here’s my interview with Tal:

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Tal’s book: The 12 Keys to Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates

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