Ep 47 – Trusting Your Child With Other Care Providers

With the constant bombarding by the media, news, and internet it is difficult to trust our children with other people.

Just the idea of leaving your precious munchkin with a stranger for the entire day causes heart palpitations in some of us.

Today on the show I am responding to a listener’s question about childcare and trusting our children with other people and other childcare providers. I talk about the inner work we, mothers, have to do in order to have an easy transition and pass on our child over to someone else’s care, and also about different childcare options available, how, where and what to look for when looking for the right person or care facility.

Raising children and parenting is a triggering experience, and separating from your child is one of the most triggering experiences you will ever have. I talk about how we can calm our anxieties and feel confident with regards to our decisions and how to thrive in the midst of it all.

Journaling exercises I’ve mentioned on the show:

I don’t trust other people because…

I feel challenged to separate from my child…