Ep 49 – Do This When You Feel Like You Are Going To Explode!!!

As mothers, we feel like we sacrifice our own health and well-being a lot and when we don’t have/get what we want, we tend to get angry, agitated, and irritable. This is totally normal and is a signal from our own inner child that there are some triggers that need to be expressed.

Unfortunately, sucking it up, or ‘putting your big girl’s pants on’ mentality doesn’t work here, and in fact, from my experience, can worsen your health symptoms even more.

In my work, I support women who are on their journey to better health through balancing their hormones with nutrition and lifestyle changes and also through learning to cultivate a healthy relationship with their bodies, and since the majority of my clients are mothers this comes up a lot. We all need to learn how to feel in control of our big emotions, how to soothe ourselves and how to regulate our nervous system so that we enjoy the process of motherhood without sacrificing our own health and wellbeing.

Learning how to process these emotions is vital in the process of getting back control over your own health because these emotions are often what is causing you to feel physical symptoms and discomfort in the first place. Unprocessed emotions can be manifested as physical symptoms and that is not woo-woo, that is science!

If you feel like your health is on the line, if you are suffering from hormonal pain or you simply don’t feel vital, vibrant and energetic like you used to in the past, I invite you to connect with me on FB (search Dorit Palvanov) or send me an email: dorit@healthbeginswithmom.com and we will get on the phone as soon as possible.

Show Notes 

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children by Dr. Shefali Tsabari 

My interview with Rachel Piccolo (my yoga teacher)