Ep 6 – How To Lose The Post Baby Pooch With Guest Stephanie Sibbio


Hi guys,

Today we are talking all about how to eliminate the post baby pooch and I have brought Stephanie Sibbio to share some of her expertise about this topic.

Stephanie Sibbio is a holistic health coach, specializing in fitness and nutrition for new and expecting moms. She is the creator of Glowing Mama 101, an online program that assists new moms in the post-birth recovery process.

Today’s topic is very near and dear to my heart as I have been personally experiencing it for the past eight years and that is the post-baby pooch. Now, before we jump into today’s call I want to make it very clear that the intention behind bringing Stephanie on today is not to add to the feeling of overwhelm and self-sabotage we often experience as mothers. And personally I am tired of seeing personal trainers and other experts calling moms out to fix themselves or get back to their previous bodies as though we can ignore the fact that our skin has stretched back and forth (for me it was three times), our spines are messed up because we were carrying a heavy baby for nine months, and we can’t seem to lose that 5-10lbs of excess weight.

I believe that nothing is lost. The body you and I have now is our vessel to carry out our purpose in this life, whatever it is for you, but I do not want us to hate our post baby bodies. Rather I want to invite you to own your stretch marks, or that post-baby pooch, or that cellulite and decide that you are seeking help not because you want to look different but because you want to feel better.

I am all about being intentional and deliberate with all aspects of our lives, especially our health. And you know what, even if you decide not to do anything about your post-baby body, I totally understand where you are coming from. It all boils down to priorities and timing. If now is not the right time, then be it. I love you and I want you to love yourself even if your belly is spilling out of your jeans. So today I am inviting you to listen in and learn how you can decrease or eliminate (if that’s even possible) that post-baby pooch while understanding how your hormones work, what’s the ideal diet and what you can do in terms of exercise.

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