Ep 60 – Are You Being a Bitch (mainly to yourself)?

How do you talk to yourself about yourself in your head?

Do you refer to yourself as mean, cranky, ugly, stupid, bad mom, bad wife, bad friend, bad daughter, bad fill in the blank?

Today on the show we are talking about using “I am statements” in a more constructive way that will actually help you to build yourself and pick yourself up rather than putting yourself down and crushing your soul.

This is super important especially when you are on a journey of healing your body, balancing your hormones, feeding yourself with good food that nourishes your body instead of depleting it and restoring your energy.

This cannot happen if you are being a bitch to yourself, because you will always find an excuse not to do it. These loops and mental repeats that play in your head over and over again that tell and express who you are will keep you feeling stuck and unmotivated.

This will help you to feel in alignment in your life with regards to your evolution as a woman, wife and a mother, and show up in your life and work the way you are called to.

It’s simple, but not easy.

Today we’re going back to basics.