Ep 63 – How To Experience A True Transformation (and not only inspiration)

“Exposing yourself to free content only gives you inspiration, but working with a coach will give you transformation.”

Why is it that even if you read all the self-help/health books, buy cookbooks, read blogs, listen to podcasts, follow people on social media and see their stuff on YouTube and FB lives, and compare yourself six months ago you see/feel no change?

Why is it that we work so hard on exposing ourselves to information but never actually see results?

Why do we procrastinate on what we already know?

Is it because we are failures? Lazy? Not capable?

Nope. Not at all.

Today on the podcast I share the real reason why you don’t experience a true transformation, a true change and why you don’t see results in your health, relationships or with your work or financial situation.

Show Notes: 

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