Ep 64 – Ayurvedic Mindfulness Tools That Can Help Stressed-Out Mamas Reset Their Nervous System And Get Quick Relief

Hey Love!

What kind of mom are you? 

Are you the relaxed, calm and peaceful mom?

Or are you the snappy, yelling, angry kind of mom?

This is not about labeling.

This is not about judging yourself. 

It is all about learning about yourself and growing as a human being. 


Because as someone who wants to thrive as a woman, wife and a mother this is what you do. 

You care about showing up for yourself. 

You take responsibility for your behavior. 

You are proactive about your stress responses (as opposed to being reactive and feeling out of control all day long and guilty about it). 

I love to learn about quick, easy tricks and hacks we can incorporate into our busy lives in order to feel in control of our lives, so you are going to LOVE my guest today

She is a stressed-out mamas secret weapon!

We’re talking about quick mindfulness reset tools that can help stressed-out mamas reset their nervous system and stop being snappy and feel out of control. 

Today’s show is PACKED with practical tools you can incorporate into your life immediately! 

About My Guest – Tejal V Patel 

Today on the podcast I am chatting with Tejal V Patel who is a stressed-out mamas secret weapon. A former divorce attorney turned mindfulness and mediation advocate for moms and kids, Tejal helps time-starved mamas learn the art of effortlessly infusing stress-relief habits, three-minute meditate and mindful parenting practice, into their busy schedule, to create a less stressed and more peaceful life, one day at a time.

She’s a sought-after mindfulness expert because as a modern mom herself, she’s relatable, honest and openly shares her motherhood challenges and practical tips to mindfully overcome them. She works closely with young children by teaching her mindfulness curriculum in classrooms and touches the lives of moms around the world through her Mindful Mama Experience and Mindful Kids Masterclass online courses.

She’s currently writing her first mindful parenting book to give modern moms a new and fresh approach to use mindful resets to help them stop snapping and stay calm in the midst of stressful parenting moments.

Show Notes


Tejal offers 3 courses for busy moms:

7-day ditch stress detox – tejalvpatel.com/stress-detox-enroll

Mindful mama experience – themindfulmamaexperience.com/join – use coupon code (Dorit10 to get 10% off.

Mindful kids masterclass – tejalvpatel.com/mindfulkidsjoin

FB group: facebook.com/groups/modzenmama

Instagram: @tejalvpatel