Ep 68 – Just Turned 40 and Feel Like Shit? Listen to This!

“I just turned 40 and I feel like shit! Why is this happening to me?”

Today on the show I am answering a question I received from a beautiful mama who just celebrated her 40th birthday but feels a surge of negative emotions and feelings of lack, overwhelms, burnout, self-criticism, self-judgment and overall not good in her body.

I talk about why this happens, how to reframe what’s going on inside of your body, how to understand your human design as a female and how to stop feeling guilty and shame for the thoughts and feelings you have and actually give yourself the permission to take care of yourself.

No one will do this for you. It’s time to rise up as unapologetically take care of “me” before “we”.

This “do less to have more” mentality will actually help you to be more productive at work, create from the heart and soul, serve people with purpose and intentionality and actually be a better wife and mom too!

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Show Notes: 

Dr. Laura Markham’s Book about sibling rivalry