Ep 76 – Best Adaptogens/Herbs for Anxiety, Stress, Burnout and Overwhelm Induced By Motherhood

If you are a holistically inclined mama like I am, you are constantly on the lookout for natural remedies to help manage die-eases that are just a part of life.

A new epidemic that I see happening now is – overwhelm, burnout, stress (mostly emotional) and anxiety experienced by mothers that are attributed to the challenges of motherhood.

There are so many things we have to juggle, like – keep these kids alive, feed them healthy, parent them with love and respect, give them a good education, keep our marriages alive and vibrant, manage our households efficiently and realizing that we don’t have control over most things is a huge trigger for many of you.

In most cases, taking care of yourself not only feels luxurious but also selfish and unrealistic, there’s just not enough time in a day to do it all, right? We all know what it feels like to be running on empty and not giving ourselves any time to refuel and replenish.

I get it. I am a mama as well.

Today on the show I am interviewing Jane Barlow, an herbalist who owns and runs Barlow Herbal Specialties. She lives in Salt Lake City where she enjoys hiking all over the mountains of Utah and teaching fitness classes. Jane loves everything natural, holistic, wellness, fitness, and nutrition oriented and believes it is our right as humans to be vibrantly healthy and that if given the right tools our body knows how to heal. She believes that each of us is responsible for ourselves and the love, joy, spiritual and physical health that we experience. Jane has two grown sons and two grandchildren.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The definition of adaptogens
  • Which top three adaptogens are best for women who experience burnout, stress, overwhelm and anxiety?
  • What is the one herb we should all have to help our kids heal faster from any viral and bacterial infections and how to administer them?
  • Should we be taking adaptogens infinitely?
  • How to know which adaptogen is right specifically for you?
  • Are supplements necessary?

And much more!

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Show Notes

Jane’s YouTube channel: Barlow herbal

website: www.barlowherbal.com (Jane is gifting all listeners of my show 10% of their first order, just use coupon code LOVE10 at checkout).

email: jane@barlowherbal.com