When Your Family Is Not On Board With Your Health Mission [ep-93]

Hey mamas,

So you finally decided to eat healthier and started buying healthier food.

This means minimizing junk foods, sweets, chips, and other unhealthy items.

You know when they are in the house you end up eating them so they have to go.

What you didn’t realize was the amount of resistance and ‘retaliation’ coming from your kids!

They are not on board and you may feel like getting healthy was a huge mistake in the first place!

Or what about your hubby who knows you are working on balancing your hormones but still stuffs the fridge with coke and junk food. It almost feels like he’s doing this on purpose.

Today on the show I talk about how to handle resistance and pushback from your loved ones.

Girl, one thing I’ve learned from my health mission and guiding clients on theirs is that resistance will come and it will come BIG!

Pretending like it’s not there is not going to work because it is very much there and is a huge energy leak for you.

Learn how to reframe it in your head and see how by you staying true to yourself you will inspire your loved ones to follow you instead of fight with you!

Enjoy listening!!

Sending you much love & healing,