How Did The Book “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!” Get Started? 

The journey began four years ago.  I was hospitalized six times, for a week each time, within four months. That would be difficult for anyone, but for a mom of 7, it was devastating. I searched for books, blogs, and websites that had information about how to be a good, positive mom while going through health issues, but couldn’t find it anywhere!  My search continued as my health declined but still with no results.

Last year, since I couldn’t find help or support anywhere, my husband suggested I should create it, that’s how “Chronically Positive Mom” was born.  November 1, 2016, the blog, Chronically Positive Mom launched, and now has social media followers in four continents!  I’ve been able to personally talk to people across the United States, India, and Europe, and they all say the same thing, “we need support!”

I’m working on building that support system, beginning with awareness. There are millions of moms with chronic health issues in the United States alone, and no support for them. I want others to understand what it’s like. I also want to help people find ways to work together to support each other as moms. Here’s an example of how that would work in real life: a healthy, energy-filled mom can take my kids out on a fun-filled outing. Then, I can have her kiddos over for a quiet night in while she has time to go out. This gives both the moms and the kids a chance to do things, and we work together to meet everyone’s needs.

As I said before, I have 7 children. Their ages range from 5-27, and we’ve been through a lot together. The past few years have been tougher as I am unable to do all the things I used to, and we’d struggled to find things I can do. After a lot of research, I’ve found some really great
ways to enjoy my life. More than I ever did before, when I was at my physical best, and I want to help other moms enjoy their lives and have fun too!

In January, I decided that a good way to help would be to write a book, detailing my journey from a sad, sick mama to a happy, positive one. It has details about how to ditch the guilt, enjoy time on your own, and 100 ways to have fun with the kids, even when you’re in bed or on the couch.

I’m also launching “The Sick Mom’s Guide” Podcast in August to continue the message through interviews I’d like you to join me on this journey. If you have health issues, come join our Chronically Positive Moms support group on Facebook and check out “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again” on Amazon.  If you’re a healthy mom, keep a lookout for friends who mention health issues. They may be struggling more than they let on, and a little support goes a long way!

About The Author 

Jen Hardy Jen Hardy is the wife of an amazing retired soldier and mom to 7 children, ages 5-27.  The five oldest are in or graduated from, college, and she homeschools the younger ones. Jen’s new book, “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again; If I can do it, you can too!” was published June 23,
2017. Jen is also building a worldwide support system for moms with chronic health issues, and educating others about what they can do to help too. You can find Jen at, the book on
Amazon, and join her Facebook support group by clicking here.