How To Cope With Stress As A Busy Parent?

Parenting can be very stressful. Whether you are a single parent, married parent, stay-home parent or a working parent. If you are a parent of one child or several children, staying calm and relaxed is the only way to get through one’s hectic day. Stress can impact one’s health negatively, one’s children, one’s marriage, and one’s work.

Some possible symptoms of stress:

 Increase illness
 Decreased sense of satisfaction in life
 Increased alcohol/caffeine/drug use
 Sleep disturbance
 Increased anxiety
 Weight loss
 Poor concentration
 Difficulty making decisions
 Difficulty relaxing
 Snapping at loved ones/stressed personal relationships

We all react and respond differently to stress. The way we RESPOND to stress will determine how we deal with the stress in our lives and the way stress will affect our lives. Stressed parents can create stressed kids.

Some things one can do to manage stress:

Develop a support network. Support networks can include family, friends, colleagues or professional support. If you are a stay home parent it is especially important to reach out to others and connect with external support systems. Meet and interact with the other parents in your child school, join a mommy group, volunteer and become involved in your community and in things you like to do.

Get enough sleep. Rest is a major component of maintaining good health. If you are up during the night to feed or comfort your baby make sure you nap during the day. Share with your partner the responsibilities of attending to your child during the night. Make sure that you nap when your child nap if you are up when your child is up. Rest is more important than house-chores.

Make time for Relaxation. Do not overbook your time or your child’s time. Be selective with the activities you choose to engage in. Enjoy relaxing with your kids. Play board games, going for walks or watching movies together. Make sure that you and your partner also take time for yourselves to go out alone or with some friends. Make sure you connect.

Exercise. Keep yourself in good shape, both mentally and physically. Exercise is one of the best stress reducers. Exercise on your own or make it a family activity. Change your routine and have fun with it.

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