Kids’ nutrition and Immunity

Have you ever pondered why two kids can encounter the same germs and only one gets sick (and if your kid is the one getting sick it’s annoying even more, isn’t it)?
Have you ever eaten the same meal as someone else at a restaurant, and only one of you ends up with food poisoning?

Did you know?

  • On average kids get sick about a dozen times in a year?
  • Most illnesses could be eliminated with a highly nutritious diet?
  • Recurring illnesses might indicate a food sensitivity or allergy?

The difference between these situations is a healthier immune function.

When our immune system is healthy, our body responds to events that could cause illness or injury, seeking to restore you to healthy function as quickly as possible. So instead of being paranoid about the outside, which you can never really have control over, focus on strengthening your child from within. That is the connection between nutrition and immunity!

70% of immune cells are located in the GUT!

Shocking isn’t it? Our body “crashes” after a prolonged consumption of highly inflammatory foods. Have you noticed that when your kid is sick they are usually constipated? This is because his/her body is clogged up with various toxins, so their bodies are very weak and volatile – great news for viruses and bacteria! If we choose to ignore sicknesses and don’t change kids’ diet, recurring colds might turn into recurring ear infections, which might, lead to removal of tonsils in the future.

If still no dietary changes are made later on, this child might experience behaviour issues, severe eczema, allergies, diabetes, celiac disease, and many other health issues only because nobody listened to this child’s body. My recommendation would be to look at symptoms as signs and adjust accordingly before it’s too late!

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