How to Read Food Labels

Have you ever felt

  • Overwhelmed by all those hard-to-pronounce words on the ingredient list?
  • Confused what “natural”, “free-range”, “grain-fed”, “pure” and “organic” actually mean?
  • Want to learn how to shop healthier and smarter and how to read food labels?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What should you pay attention to and what should you ignore when shopping at the grocery store?
  • Which “health” products are a waste of money and which are actually worth your hard earned bucks?
  • How to choose the healthiness food containers? What does that number on the back really mean?
  • How to know whether the fruits and vegetables you are buying are organic, conventionally grown or genetically modified?
  • Which foods should you stop buying at a health food store because they are marketing gimmicks?

How to order this workshop?

Do you have a group of moms who would be interested to attend this workshop? I can come to your place OR you and your group can come to my place!

You can order this workshop by contacting me via email,, or by phone 647-218-3803 to schedule a date and time.

Workshop length: 90 minutes

Workshop Price: $150

Minimum # of participants: 5

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