Vitamin D Deficiency In Children

In today’s post I am answering a reader’s question regarding vitamin D deficiency in children:

Hi Dorit,

My son is almost two years old and gets sick all the time! This winter we’ve had to deal with almost everything: eat infections, strep throat infections, coughs, runny noses, colds. I don’t remember him feeling or looking “healthy” this winter at all. I love your blog I’ve learned so many things from it and starting to implement some things and I do see some improvements. However I am concerned that he might be deficient in some key nutrients and  can’t seem to figure out which ones. Should I take him for a blood work? Which nutrients we should test for?

I appreciate your response!

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Yasmin, thank you so much for asking such an important question! You are absolutely right, recurring illnesses underlie nutrients deficiency, especially Vitamin D deficiency.

How is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To A Weak Immune System?

According to a study which was done in 2010, supplementation with Vitamin D3 during the winter helps to reduce colds in half! Some experts actually claim that children with low vitamin D levels will get sick more often, so a weak immune system and frequent colds may underlie a vitamin D deficiency.

This study confirms that vitamin D activates the T-Cells which play a huge role in immunity as well as fighting against the flu and other viruses and bacteria.

Best Source of Vitamin D

Expose kids’ skins to the sun – our bodies were designed to convert sunlight into vitamin D. I do understand that this is not very feasible during cold winter months, in that case use a Vitamin D supplement (my recommendations are below)

Food Sources of Vitamin D

fatty fish (wild salmon, salmon, mackerel and sardines), fish oil, cod liver oil, eggs, all mushrooms but especially shiitake mushrooms.

Best Vitamin D3 Supplement

This was the first year I have supplemented my daughters with vitamin D religiously (every single day) and I’ve tried many different brands of vitamin DRight now I am supplementing my kids with Vitamin D for children by AOR and have seen a huge improvement in their overall immunity, how they catch colds and how fast they recover from them. I really like it and recommend it to all my clients.

For adults I recommend to use the same brand Vitamin D for adults by AOR

Hope this helps!

To your and child’s health!