Self-Care for Self-Quarantine – How to Cultivate Healthy Habits At Home

Finding comfort in the time of COVID-19 can certainly be difficult, but not impossible. If you’re struggling to stay sane while social distancing or self-quarantining, try following these tips for the ultimate self-care staycation:

Reestablish a Daily Routine

Between homeschooling your kids, working remotely, and keeping up with your typical household chores (cooking, cleaning, etc.), it’s easy to fall out of your normal routine. 

While this may not seem like a big deal, attempting to juggle everything all at once without a plan of action can wreak havoc on your health and productivity level. That’s why it’s useful for you to stick to a schedule. Especially if you make you schedule have repeating activities, which can become your personal rituals and habits.

Creating a strategic schedule means planning time to not only focus on your day-to-day tasks but also focus on yourself. Whether that be an hour you set aside to read a chapter out of your favourite book or a 30-minute window you arrange to meditate, scheduling time for yourself is equally as important as your other daily activities. 

Give it a shot! Every morning, try and write down a few main things you want to accomplish by the end of the day and set times to start and stop each task. And remember, no matter how jammed packed your schedule may be, your “me-time” is essential, so don’t forget to pencil some time in for yourself while planning out the day.

Turn to Telehealth 

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to unravel, the number of available hospital beds are becoming limited. This, combined with the healthcare restrictions for in-person treatment, has made it increasingly difficult for patients with minor illnesses to get the help and medical expertise they need.

Luckily, telehealth platforms have made healthcare accessible during times of COVID-19 pandemic. From conducting online consultations to refilling and/or receiving prescription medications, dentists, dermatologists, therapists, and other providers have turned to telehealth for patient relief. 

Now it’s your turn! Depending on what you may need assistance with— your mental health, sexual health, or treatment for a particular skin condition— can guide you in finding the most suitable telehealth service. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to think about other factors such as your age, gender, and location as these may influence which platform is right for you. For instance, if you’re a 30-something female looking to treat her adult acne, you may want to turn to a telemedicine company like Hers to address your skincare concerns. On the other hand, if you’re a 30-something male hoping to treat the same issue, you’ll benefit more from a telehealth company with skincare tailored toward men.  

Take a Break from the News

Let’s face it; ignoring our new reality can be a tough thing to do when it’s all that you and everyone else seems to be talking about. 

With constant news updates from our president, state governor, and local mayor, it can be hard to turn our attention away from the news and other media outlet updates. 

Still, learning to take a break from the coronavirus conversation is a small, yet significant way to reduce stress and boost your mood. Even if it’s for a short while, spending your time doing something else can allow you to take your mind off all the seemingly never-ending chaos. 

So, rather than spending your lunch break tuning into the latest COVID-19 press conference, try doing something different! Practicing mindfulness with activities such as journaling, reading, painting, or exercising are great alternatives that won’t only work to distract you from these turbulent times, but also keep you relaxed and improve your health

Focus On ‘Togetherness’

In response to COVID-19, the phrase “we’re all in this together,” has become a popular topic of conversation, and with good reason! Togetherness can help to facilitate open communication and build trust, support, and connection with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the global pandemic, many of us are feeling suffocated with all the “togetherness” that has taken place as a result of social distancing and self-quarantining, making it all the more challenging to see the benefits that Skype calls and family bonding activities has to offer. 

Others, however, may be experiencing the complete opposite, feeling isolated and alone, especially if they live by themselves and/or away from their families. 
No matter what the case is for you, it’s crucial to focus on ‘togetherness.’ Even though it may feel overwhelming at times, finding comfort in your loved ones can do wonders for everyone’s health and happiness as it allows you a chance to help others, while simultaneously helping yourself, thus bringing you a sense of warmth and self-fulfillment. Family game nights, paint-and-sip with your partner at home, and virtual happy hours are just a few ideas to stay connected while staying apart.