How to Make Cannabutter?

How to Make Cannabutter

Cannabis has incredible benefits. Many people are not comfortable vaping or smoking marijuana. That is why consuming it in the form of cannabis-infused recipes is an alternative for conservative users.

A lot of people go for cannabis-infused recipes because the absence of smoke makes it safe for the environment. Cannabutter is a perfect example of a cannabis-infused recipe. If you plan to make cannabutter a part of your diet, you may find techniques on How To Make Cannabutter on the web. You can choose an easy and convenient recipe to try. The most common method in making cannabutter is through the slow cook method. Here is an example of a recipe on How To Make Cannabutter using the method.


¼ OZ Cannabis herbs
1LB unsalted butter

1. Using a grinder, crush the herb but do not powder.
2. Melt the butter in the slow cooker.
3. Add two cups of hot water. Adjust the amount of water added, depending on your needs.
4. Add the ground herb and turn the heat setting to “low.”
5. Make sure the cooker is covered while cooking.

The slow cook method usually takes 8 to 24 hours to cook, depending on the type of herb used.
The infusion becomes glossy and thick when cooked.

The cannabutter will then become a solid block of butter.

Here are the additional steps to follow:

  1. Put a cheesecloth inside a medium bowl and strain the cannabutter mixture.
  2. Empty the mixture into the strainer until the majority of the mix gets sifted.
  3. Let it sit for five minutes.
  4. Use the cheesecloth to wrap the ends over the herb.
  5. Using a spatula, extract all of the liquid by pressing on it.
  6. Dispose of all the solids and refrigerate the liquid margarine for a minimum of three hours.
  7. After 24 hours, remove the block of solid butter from the bowl and dispose of the liquid that is in the container.
  8. Using a paper towel, pat the block of butter gently
  9. Wrap the butter with two or three layers of plastic wrap.
  10. Store the butter in an airtight container.
  11. Keep the butter refrigerated.

Over the years, the use of cannabis has created speculation on whether it is an effective treatment for a wide variety of illnesses. The absence of scientific facts that will support this claim has been a reason for the delay of its legalization in some states.

People who use cannabutter in cooking and baking agree that food, pastries, and cookies are more delectable. Besides, it is a good substitute for the ordinary butter the bakers use. However, like any other food, it is difficult to determine the exact amount needed. It is why it is suggested for beginners to start with small amounts of cannabutter.

Also, keep in mind that since there is no sufficient scientific evidence to support the use, smoke or eating of cannabis, it is wise to limit it all together until further confirmation and scientific studies ensue.