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3 Day Cleanse for Moms

Join a community of moms for a Spring body cleanse.

We will meet twice and learn how to use food-based tools to detox and cleanse your body.

We will use the healing power of fruits and vegetables to:

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  • Give rest to your organs and digestive system
  • Purify the body and remove deeply embedded toxins
  • Clear the mind and release stuck emotional energy
  • Flood the body with a large quantity of nutrients
  • Strengthen and regenerate your energy


It’s difficult to do alone and more fun together

It is much easier to embrace new changes into our lives when we do things in a group setting and this is a great way for you to escape the reality and focus just on yourself and allow your body to heal from within.

During the duration of this cleanse, you’ll meet and interact with other moms. This will make it much more fun.

Here’s how it is going to work:

1st gathering (May 25, 2014 appx 2 hours) 

  • I will teach you how to prepare for a juice cleanse/fast
  • We will talk about the best foods to eat prior to fasting
  • which juicer is best
  • difference between juicing and blending
  • Additional cleansing practices (enemas, skin brushing, nedi pot, oil pulling, castor oil packs, energy/body work)
  • I will bring various juices for you to try
  • mineral broths
  • tea infusions
  • cleansing enhancers
  • emotional awareness and clearing
  • Q & A

Cleanse days June 1-3rd, 2014

2nd gathering June 3rd (the last day of our detox) 

  • share experiences and ideas with a group of moms
  • we’ll talk about post-cleanse diet
  • how to do an ongoing cleansing
  • Q & A

Throughout the entire cleanse, all participants will get an unlimited access to my email and text messages. Questions are welcome! 


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Sign Up

Cleanse days June 1-3rd 2014.

Only 20 spots are available.

How much does it cost?

Cost: $80

Signup today to get the full details to your inbox. 




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