Ep 11 – The Importance Of Tummy Time For Babies with Guest Wendy Rohin

Hi, everybody!

Today on the show I am interviewing Wendy Rohin, who is a pediatric physical therapist and has been specializing in prematurity and infant development for over 10 years. She is the one-woman-show behind the blog everythingbabies.org. She has recently started offering online services for parents and babies to get help without leaving their living room!

We are talking about why is tummy time so important for baby’s development, including some of the most important milestones a baby goes through and atypical development. This is a must listen if you have a newborn! This will help you stress less and understand what is happening more.

Show Notes

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Blog post – Why Is Tummy Time So Important For Baby?

Gross Motor Milestones Checklist 

Wendy’s website