Ep 74 – Small Changes Lead To Big Impact + Felicity’s Testimonial

Hey Divas!

So many of us have an all or nothing mindset when it comes to healing our bodies or achieving major health goals.

“I hate the taste of water so I can’t increase my water intake”

“I don’t have 20 minutes to meditate, so I won’t”

“I can’t afford to go to the gym, so I can’t exercise”

Remember that perfectionism is the killer of progress and in order to feel successful you need to break your goals into small chunks and “eat them up” slowly and gradually.

Think about this for a minute.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why? Nothing major or significant will happen after the first or second day you eat this apple. But over a long period of time, this apple will indeed help you to keep the doctor away.

Alternatively, what will happen if you eat a Hershey bar a day? Nothing major will happen if you eat it today or tomorrow. But, if you eat it every single day, the effect of this on your health will be huge!

Today on the show I walk you through 5 steps you can follow to help yourself achieve your health goals and actually stick to them.

Enjoy listening!!



p.s. Point #5 is all about finding an accountability partner which is timely since the Health Begins With Mom Mastery is now open for enrollment, so if you are READY and WILLING click here to apply. I am going to not only hold you accountable but also will guide you to be kind and gentle with yourself and understand your female body on a deeper level which will help you to thrive in it as a woman, wife and a mother.