Ep 9 – Introducing Solids Through Baby Led Feeding/Weaning with Guest Didi Tonev

Hi everybody, welcome to another episode of the health begins with mom podcast!

So many of you ask me about feeding babies, introducing solid foods, there are a lot of you who have older children who are still stuck on pureed food. So today, I have brought on a guest who is a specialist on feeding babies and has created an online program called Baby Meets Food. We are going to talk about milestones, baby led feeding, how to help our children feel successful about feeding themselves.

I’ve learned that this approach to feeding promotes healthy eating, a positive relationship with food and also prevents picky eating later on! So many of you struggle with picky eating, so this approach can help you avoid problems down the road.

Feeding can have a powerful influence not only on the physical health of children but also on their social and emotional health. The feeding interactions used by parents can support or hinder their children’s healthy development and can affect parental satisfaction with parenting. A positive feeding relationship is essential for a child’s proper nutrition and growth. Interactions related to feeding have a powerful impact on how children feel about themselves and the world. As I always say, feeding is parenting and it is our responsibility as parents to help children have a positive relationship with food. So, today’s guest, Didi Tonev is going to talk to us all about feeding baby.


Didi is a growth seeker. I love her YouTube Channel Called, Smart Parent Stories, where she supports parents to raise happy and healthy children. She is the creator of Baby Meets Food, an online feeding program. She is also the founder of a Montessori nursery school based in London, UK.

Show Notes: 

www.babymeetsfoods.com – use coupon code DORIT10 to get 10% off your purchase price!

Didi’s YouTube Channel – Smart Parent Stories

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