Healing grief with essential oils by Katie Williams

Hi mamas, the following is a guest blog post written by Katie Williams, mother of five, and an essential oils coach who helps people deal with difficult emotional feelings as well as grief, all through natural methods.

How I’ve managed grief after my son was born not alive

I remember feeling so helpless, not finding any answers to the health problems I was experiencing. I had headaches every day, overwhelmed with motherhood, desperate for help, but couldn’t find it! I tried exercising, eating right, and everything else anybody told me would help including multiple expensive medical tests.  No answers came. Conventional doctors didn’t have answers for me either, other than “you must have depression and need to be medicated”.

Deep down, I knew that wasn’t the answer for me.

God wanted a more natural road for me and my family. I was introduced to essential oils and I dabbled in their use for their physical properties and they did bless my family with better health, fewer doctor visits and more energy for which I am very grateful.

But, I hadn’t hit rock bottom yet, I just thought I had.

In 2015, my son who was expected to join our family as a newborn was born straight into heaven instead. 

My world shattered.

The purpose I felt as a mother and woman rocked. Very quickly I spiraled into a very dark place and became depressed, and couldn’t recognize myself. I had anxiety attacks every single day about what was going to happen to the rest of my children, to me or to my husband. I was struggling with grief, yet I had to continue on to help my other sweet children to see the light that is around us, even though I wasn’t feeling any light within me. I struggled every day to get a grip on my emotions, most of the time being unsuccessful. I put on a good show for those around me, everyone thinking I was strong and doing great.

Deep down I was not strong.  I couldn’t get back the person I was before and longed to be again.

Once again I was offered conventional medicine to numb my emotions, my pain and let myself take a break from the insane ups and downs I was feeling. I knew this wasn’t the way God wanted me to heal. It wasn’t right for me, my body or my situation. I searched for natural solutions, praying all the way that I would be given my answer.

I was shocked to discover that I already had the answer right in front of me. 

I already had the tools needed to use to heal, I just didn’t know it yet. While gaining more knowledge, I discovered there was another way to use the amazing benefits of essential oils – Emotional healing.

Armed with more knowledge in how to use the essential oils that God had given me years before, I began my healing journey full of hope for a brighter future with less anxiety. After extensive research, I started taking doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality in order to support my body, and create more energy to be able to deal with the emotions that arose daily.  After the first week supporting my body, I could feel a shift in my energy. I was ready to deal with the emotions that I had been ignoring because they were too overwhelming for me.  After I got a little bit of energy and a little bit of light back, I started using the doTERRA emotional blends to support myself, using multiple blends each day.  My favorites are the Reassuring Blend, the Comforting Blend, and the Uplifting Blend. I remember having terrible days of uncontrollable crying and the headaches that follow and was amazed to feel an immediate relief within minutes after applying. Whenever a triggering event was about to hit me, or even if one hit me in the face, I would apply the Reassuring Blend and feel peace knowing that things would be okay. I was shocked to be having the experiences I was having.

I had no idea that in these little bottles of oils, there was so much power to help support me during the hardest moments of my life.  I had no idea that just smelling these oils and supporting my body from the inside, I could have a drastic improvement in my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Grief never goes away.  I will miss my son until the day I get to see him again, but now I have the tools to support my grief and I don’t have to struggle in the darkness. No longer do I have to live in a place of anxiety, fear, and yearning for light. I can find joy in my journey and embrace this messy life God has given me to live. Essential oils and living a more natural life have given me my power back. They have helped me have hope, faith, and light to keep me through this crazy roller-coaster called life and embrace each up and down knowing I have the tools to support my emotional, physical and mental health. Because of the blessings, the knowledge and the amazing benefits I have experienced, I feel obligated to share what I’ve learned, help you along the path of grief, and help you find your power.

Because of the blessings, the knowledge and the amazing benefits I have experienced, I feel obligated to share what I’ve learned. You don’t have to go through this alone. I can help you along the path of grief, guide you to find back your power, light, and health!

Are you interested in learning which essential oils should be used to help a grieving person? Click HERE to download the 5 steps to healing grief using a natural approach. 

About the author 

Katie is a mother to 6 wonderful children, including one true angel. She is married to her best friend and wishes she lived in a musical. Katie has extensive experience in multiple energy healing techniques including The Emotion Code, The Body Code and in using essential oils to help regulate emotions. Katie is passionate about helping women work through their difficult suppressed emotions and setting them free. Her mantra is: Control your emotions, Control your life!

You can get in touch with Katie here:
Katie’s personal website: www.beautifulhealing.org
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