Pop quiz – Is my child eating healthy?

All moms know that it is important to feed children healthy and nutritious foods, however for some reason we don’t always insist on it.

Reasons for it may vary…

  • you really don’t know what they should or should not be eating
  • you are afraid to insist too much in order not to create fear around food
  • you think that “healthy eating” is just a media hype and don’t really believe in it
  • you know it’s important to feed your kids healthy but your spouse doesn’t support you
  • whatever you try doesn’t seem to work and as a result, every meal turns into a struggle

As a nutritionist specializing in kids’ nutrition, I believe that it is important to empower and educate moms about healthy food, but in a way that will seem feasible and manageable to them.

To support that belief, I’ve prepared the following free resource for you, moms. This test is designed to help you understand where your child is positioned today, nutritionally. You will get a schematic idea of what he/she eats every day, and also get a better idea of where he/she should be and what exactly your child has to eat during the week.

If you follow that, your child’s immunity will be super strong – which means they will rarely get sick or get infections of different kinds. You will learn which foods are causing harm and which foods are better for their developing little bodies and which foods support their immune system.

I hope you will benefit from this free resource!

Click here to download a printable version of the quiz

Feel free to share your results with me via email: dorit@palvanov.com

To your and kids’ health!