Young Mom – Take Good Care Of Yourself!

Dear mom,

Would you agree that raising kids is the hardest thing you have ever done in your life?

Do you find yourself asking “why”?

Why did you choose to intentionally put yourself in this difficult and unappreciative situation?

I know I do, more often than you think… I do love my kids, but I would gladly give them away for a week (or maybe even two) to a trustworthy caregiver of course!

When my kids were little, I spent a lot of time at the mall (not shopping, mind you, but trying to feel normal by exposing myself to adult faces), and I remember seeing young moms who were looking so beautiful with their hair, nails and make-up all perfectly done strolling the mall graciously with their babies.

And I thought to myself, what is wrong with me? If they find the time to do it, why can’t I? I was strolling with an expensive stroller but looking like a total mess, is there some secret they know and I don’t?

I remember justifying and thinking that their secret must be a nanny, however, today I know that nanny is just a part of the secret. The complete secret is planning, proper time management, and taking the time to take care of yourself.

Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way by spending two years at home, hiding from humanity, hating myself, definitely not enjoying being a mom and was a terrible wife!

Earlier this week, I had a tour at a health food store with a client. A beautiful and happy young mom but exhausted and distressed from taking care of her two toddler kids who were diagnosed with celiac disease and dairy intolerance.

Can you imagine how hard it is for her to do a simple thing as feed her kids? Every meal is a struggle, she spends most of her day in the kitchen, and she works part-time. No wonder she is tired and exhausted, her batteries are crucially low! We agreed that it is important to take the right steps to feed her kids, she has a lot of learning to do, but how on earth are you able to take care of someone if you are drained and depleted yourself? That is the entire premise behind Health Begins With Mom!

The idea is similar to an airplane emergency; in the case of an emergency, you must first put the oxygen mask on yourself and only after to care for someone else. It is the same for us moms, we have to take good care of ourselves in order to be able to give to our spouses, kids, family and friends. Remember to always recharge your batteries, for their benefit also! Take good care of yourself.

Today I have a challenge for you! Think of something you really want to do for yourself and at the moment is viewed as wasted money or simply not a priority. It can be a simple thing such as getting your hair done, mani-pedi, or maybe sign up for the gym? Maybe you need new shoes (like I do) or a new outfit? Whatever it is, I want you to open your calendar right now and schedule it. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow, it can be in a week or two weeks from today, but please put it in your schedule. Make time for it and enjoy yourself, do this for you. This is not spoiling or pampering yourself, this is called taking care of you, for them.

Next, I want you to leave a comment below with the date you’ve chosen and I will personally reply to you to remind and make sure you are going, for the sake of your family.

Our spouses and children need us so much, but they need us strong, balanced and giving. There is no point in learning about health and nutrition if you are unhealthy yourself. Recharge yourself, and tell me how it feels! I want to know!

Taking care of someone is hard and draining, but when done right it is the most rewarding and uplifting activity you can ever do.

I’m waiting for your comments!

To your and kids’ health,


p.s. I’m getting a facial next week!