I know your little dirty secret…

Hey mama,

This weekend my 3-year-old drove us crazy.

She wanted to wear four layers of dresses one on top of the other.

This makes her feel beautiful.

What she doesn’t understand is that it’s too hot and wearing so many layers will make it worse.

She feels stuff but doesn’t know yet how to express it.

So there was a lot of screaming and frantic behavior.

I was on the verge of losing my mind.

She was absolutely hysteric.

It was then that a lightbulb went off for me.

I remembered an article I’ve read a couple of weeks ago about women’s health a hundred years ago and that helped me to calm down.

This will blow your mind!

Do you know the real meaning of the word ‘hysteria’?

Ready for it?

In Latin, it’s ‘suffering in the uterus’.


You know what that means, right?

That being hysteric is a women’s problem.

In other words, being born a woman is a curse.

You know this stigma right?

Men are not hysteric.

Men are perceived to be logical, rational, stable, linear, consistent.

Women, on the other hand, are hysteric.

It’s almost like we are doomed to be anxious, illogical, inconsistent, and cray-cray just because we were born female.

I know your dirty little secret.

I know that you live your life on the cusp of losing control of:

your emotions,

your appetite,

your sexuality.

I know that sometimes, you’re a hair-trigger away from exploding.

I know that deep inside you quietly believe that… well, you’re too much.

I know that very often you feel like you’ve stepped inside the skin of a different person – that you are not being yourself.

I also know that you feel guilty and ashamed about it.

Very similarly to how my daughter felt.

I know that you’re asking yourself:

‘What’s wrong with me?!’

“Why can’t I get control of myself?’

I know because I’m a woman too.

I know how it feels to be a woman in a man’s world.

To this day, women’s health and pain are mostly not understood.

It’s like trying to explain to my toddler that wearing four layers of puffy dresses one on top of the other is too hot.

She doesn’t get it.

She doesn’t care.

All she wants is to feel pretty.

This got me to think.

What if we’re approaching women’s health issues wrong?

* What if we are not giving women and girls the right tools to take care of themselves?

* What if instead of being logical and rational with my daughter I tried to think like her?

* What if I understood her emotionally instead of sending her the signal that she is hysteric?

So I did.

Wanna know what happened?

She burst in tears.

Gave me a huge hug.

And allowed me to take off the dresses.

She felt like mommy gets her.

What if we don’t get ourselves?

What if our very own woman-ness is not yet understood?

What if this is the real reason for our struggles?

Struggles at home.

Struggles at work.

Struggles with relationships.

What would happen if you started understanding yourselves better?

How would this change your:

* health?

* work?

* parenting?

* marriage?

* sex life?

Think about this.

Why is it that to this day when a woman says how she feels, what she wants or what she needs, someone always knows better?

Her doctor, her mom/dad, her teacher, her husband…

What would happen if you’ve owned your woman-ness more?

How would your life look and feel like if you lived in alignment with your feminine current instead of against it?

What difference would this make to our daughters to think of themselves as ‘normal’ instead of ‘hysteric’? 

This is not wishful thinking.

This is possible.

This is the most sustainable way to live as a woman, wife, and mother.

I have been living in alignment with my feminine current for the past five years and I have personally coached dozens of women through the same process.

What’s possible for you when you live in alignment with your feminine current?

* Life won’t feel hard anymore.

* You won’t be a victim of your body.

* You will be able to carve out time for yourself out of your busy day.

* You will have time for fun and play.

* You will feel more connected to your husband and kids.

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Remember that you are not doomed for suffering, pain and struggle just because you’re a woman.

It’s just that you don’t yet understand yourself.

Give yourself the gift of alignment.

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See you on the other side!



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