Ep 7 – Courageously design the life you crave with guest Heather Chauvin

Hi everybody!

Today’s conversation is very special to me personally, as I get to interview my own personal coach and mentor, Heather Chauvin.

Heather’s mission is to crack women open to their deepest potential and lead the life their soul craves. She reaches thousands of readers and listeners worldwide and leads innovative retreats and coaching programs that teach women to succeed in their most sacred work in parenting and business. Heather’s the creator of the Mom Is In Control Podcast and has been featured on Oprah’s network, Huffington Post, TV outlets and others. With wit and wisdom, Heather inspires a global community of women to take back control of how they want to lead, work, play, and parent.

I have never shared this here on the podcast, but I think it is important I talk about my experience because some of you might be experiencing the same struggles, and I want to help you avoid it as much as possible.

So before we dive into the interview, here’s a little background. I think like most women I have always wanted to be a mom. I had this beautiful fantasy of holding my baby in my arms for hours and that everything would be like in a fairytale. And it was, for like a day or two. But after physically birthing three human beings into the world, I felt depleted, empty, void and numb to my own personal goals, aspirations, and purpose. I felt like all I do all day is – cook for them, clean for them and take care of the house. I have chosen to work part-time from home so no one to blame here, but I didn’t know how to get out of this rut I have put myself into. With time, as my kids grew and I became less busy with taking care of them I have imagined myself 5 years older and could not live with the image of who I was becoming. I was becoming bitter, unhappy, barely laughing, smiling, making jokes, feeling luscious and vibrant – all that, while being a coach in the health industry! I was becoming the mom I teach other moms not to be!

I went through a serious identity crisis and did not recognize myself in the mirror! Who is this person, this is not me! I used to be fun, energetic, contagious, magnetic. People were drawn to my energy and wanted to be around me. I was turning into this woman who locked herself in her home, rarely socializing, feeling lonely, craving some serious connection, all the while supposedly raising healthy kids.

How much longer could I lie to myself?

So I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to take back control of my life.

I have been playing the martyr game for a long time, sacrificing every bit of myself all in the name of being a good mom, and it was time to change that.

That was when I’ve decided with lots of fear and hesitation to ask for Heather’s help. I have been following her for a long time and with every podcast episode or email I’ve read, it felt like she speaks to my heart.

I will never forget that phone conversation, when Heather said: “Dorit, imagine yourself standing at the edge of a cliff, it is high and steep but you know you need to jump. Success, freedom, and possibility are waiting for you but you need to jump. You can do this. You’ve got this. I am here to hold your hand. Jump.

And I did.

So without further ado, here’s my interview with the person who is holding my hand through it all. Heather Chauvin.

Show Notes

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BLUEPRINT: Radically change how to live, work and parent in the next 30 days