Ep 70 – How To Find Joy In Your Life Through Self-Seduction And Erotic Awakening With Kelly Swartz

Hey Divas,

Today on the show I am chatting with Kelly Swartz who is erotic expert and health coach.

We talk about how to find joy in your life through sex, self-seduction, sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, and erotica (mostly with yourself).

We cannot give that which we don’t own.

If you want to thrive in your life as a woman, wife and a mother you must find a way to ‘flirt with life’ which will make you more attractive, magnetic and irresistible to everyone around you.

Kelly is brilliant at what she does and her approach is unique and interesting and I’m excited to introduce her to you.

Enjoy listening!!



Show Notes 

Kelly’s website (where you can get access to her gift which is a guide on 3 methods for finding joy through self-seduction): awokenbeauty.com

IG & FB: awokenbeauty

Kelly’s email: kelly@awokenbeauty.com

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