How Being An Orthorexic Mom Wounded My Daughter (And How We’re Healing From It) [episode #98]

Hey mama,

Today on the podcast I am sharing my journey recovering from orthorexia, how it interfered with my relationship with food, my marriage, parenting, social life and life in general.

I hear so many mothers who feel like they are “the food police” or “food Nazis” and that stands in the way of feeling good inside of their own homes. I know how that feels!

So let’s talk about it.

Here’s what we cover:

  • I explain what orthorexia is and how it is different than anorexia (both are eating disorders)
  • How to know if you have orthorexia (aka food puritan)?
  • My own journey of being orthorexia, and how this wounded my daughter and my relationship with my family
  • Our healing journey and how we have shifted since then.

If you are a mom who’s feeling obsessed (or too controlling) of what her kids eat (or don’t eat) you have got to listen to this episode!

I want you to know that you are not alone and you can get help!

The first step is to acknowledge you have this problem, start with listening to another mom sharing her experience (that would be me 🙂

I want to hear from you! In the comments, tell me how do you feel about feeding your kids? And How do you keep your sanity around healthy eating and living?

I hope this is helpful to you, and if it is please share it with a mom who needs to hear this.

Sending you much love & healing,