5 Secrets To Healing From Anxiety & Burnout As a Busy Mom [ep-97]

Hey mamas!

Thank you to all the ladies who’ve joined live and for those of you who will watch this masterclass on the replay.

Not only did we cover a lot, but we’ve also had fun!

  • We’ve defined anxiety & burnout
  • I’ve introduced the three pillars to women’s health and we’ve done a quiz to “self diagnose” where you have the most imbalances (hormones, nervous system or digestion).
  • I’ve also talked about 5 secrets to heal from anxiety & burnout in your busy mom life
  • I’ve also introduced my process and how I can help on your healing journey.

This webinar is jam-packed with training, data and even some fun GIFs 😉

I hope this training serves you and gives you something to think about and hopefully the permission to choose yourself first!

I am happy to answer any questions if you have any so feel free to reach out to me over at Instagram @healthbeginswithmom

Sending you much love & healing,



p.s. I am accepting new applications for the Health Begins With Mom Mastery program which I mentioned at the webinar, so if you feel called to explore this option, fill out this application and we’ll get on the phone to see if we’re a good fit.