How an Elimination Diet Could Help Reset Your Health

The concept of strategically removing certain foods or food types from your diet for a period of time can be a powerful tool on your road to good health. Food sensitivities and allergies are more common than most people think – and they can cause symptoms such as allergies, skin challenges, headaches, anxiety, bloating, constipation, and much more. Food has the power to both heal and harm, and the harm doesn’t always come from “bad” foods. Even the most healthy, healing foods for one person could be the very trigger for a plethora of health challenges for another person.

Although there are several tests that can be used to test sensitivities, elimination diets have long been the gold standard because the best feedback is one’s own reactions and overall well-being after consuming certain foods. Elimination diets temporarily remove foods, giving your body the opportunity to reduce inflammation and re-establish balance.  After a period of time, foods are reintroduced one at a time to observe any symptoms that may arise in connection with the food.

The most common culprits for food sensitives are gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, sugar, nightshades, and citrus.  Additional food groups include nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and potentially all grains. The reality is that while certain foods are common triggers, any food can be a problem. Sometimes it’s a food that is consumed too frequently, such as eating an apple a day or food sensitivities that run in the family.

So how do you know if the elimination diet is right for you? Ultimately, if you aren’t reaching your health goals even though you’re doing so many of the “right” things to get there, then this diet is for you. Some key symptoms to look for include bloating, joint pain, headaches, anxiety, acne, eczema, inability to lose weight, sleep disturbances, itchy throat, or cravings for specific foods. If you have any of these symptoms, then you could benefit from the elimination diet.

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About the author

Rebekah-FedrowitzRebekah Fedrowitz is a board certified holistic nutritionist, the founder of You Are Well, and mom to an energetic toddler. She is passionate about helping women find hope and direction as they navigate the overwhelming world of health for themselves and their families. Through her virtual wellness company, You Are Well, Rebekah teaches natural principles that can be applied to the way we eat, think, and live to positively impact both short-term and long-term health. She does this through practical education and personal stories that can easily be applied to a multitude of lifestyles. Rebekah started her career in the health and wellness industry in 2005. She has had the opportunity to impact the health of individuals all over the country through private consulting, group programs, and health-based cooking classes.