Losing Hair After Having a Baby

Are you losing hair after having a baby?

Yes? Before you panic I want you to know that you are NOT ALONE!!

Almost all women lose some of their hair after having a baby and there are a few reasons why that happens.

For example, do you remember how your hair looked thicker during pregnancy? That happened because of the flush of hormones which were sweeping your body making your hair follicles much stronger. But, right after you gave birth, your body rebalances the levels of hormones in your body and therefore your hair follicles return to their normal state, and while that happens you might feel as though you are losing a lot of your hair (and you do).

Normally we lose about 100 to 130 hairs each day, but during that period we might be loosing about 500 hairs!

I know, that’s insane!

But trust me you are not going bald, your body is just going through the process called homeostasis, where it is returning your hormones to their natural and stable state, and that hair lose craze is kinda part of the process.

Can nutrition help?

The answer is Yes and No.

Yes, because it is a good time to include foods that are high in good quality protein which will help to strengthen the hair and nails.

No, because you can’t really prevent it from happening. This hair has to fall out in order to induce new hair growth, so you do you have just be patient.

My Personal Experience With Reversing Hair Loss

My problem with hair loss was a bit different though, because I did not have a baby recently, therefore the only viable explanation for why it happened to me was nutritional deficiency. Honestly, hair loss is a genetic thing in my family, both my mom and dad have very thin hair, so I thought that I am doomed to have a extra thin hair for the rest of my life. But, knowing what I know about nutrition, and how genetics turn to be the same way only if we eat the same foods, I had to try something else. The turning point for me was when my hairdresser commented that I am losing too much hair, and that something doesn’t look right. I had to change something, so here is my story:

Even before visiting my hairdresser, I heard about a really good supplement that helps with hair loss, and decided to do a little experiment on myself.

My policy with regards to recommending supplements is clear – I don’t ever recommend a product unless I absolutely LOVE it, so I had to see for myself if it works.

Here’s a picture of how my sink looked like after taking a shower and combing my hair (as you can see I was losing a lot of hair!):

losing hair after having a baby

Three months later, this same sink looks completely different! After shower and combing my hair, I lose maybe 10 hairs altogether!

losing hair after having a baby

Can you see the difference?

I know!! It was pretty shocking for me too at first! I kind of got used to losing so much hair and normally wouldn’t ever blog about it, but the change I’ve experienced was so clear and obvious, that not sharing would be a huge disservice to other women out there.

Which supplement did I use?

The product which I used is Gelatin by a company called Great Lakes (I used the one derived from grass-fed beef).

great lakes gelatin

Gelatin is an important nutrient composed of the amino acids Proline and Glycine, which most people are lacking as it is derived from animal bones, fibrous tissues and organs of animals (I know, sounds gross). However, according to Nourishing Traditions book of Baby & Child Care, incorporating gelatin in your daily diet are needed not only for proper skin, hair and nail growth, but for optimal immune function and weight regulation!

Benefits of Gelatin

Here is a list of benefits you can get from introducing gelatin into your diet (it is great for kids too!!):

  • it supports the hair, nails and skin – as it is in essence a pure source of collagen
  • it is known to support joins, so this would be a fabulous supplement for people with arthritis
  • can help to tighten loose skin (great for women post-partum)
  • according to the Weston A. Price Foundation gelatin binds to water and helps to keep the digestive tract healthy
  • there are some claims that gelatin is helpful in the reduction of cellulite (great news for us moms!)
  • collagen is better absorbed internally as opposed to being consumed topically, so creams containing collagen are pretty much useless!
  • gelatin is also a decent source of protein, so adding it to your morning smoothie can replace the protein powder.

Can you take it if you are keeping Kosher?

According to the Star-K online, “only dry bones are viewed as kosher”, and this product is made from dry bones. For further reading on this, please click here. I recommend you consulting with your rabbi prior to taking this gelatin supplement, just to be sure that it is in accordance with your beliefs.

Here are a few recipes to help you incorporate this supplement in your diet

I use this gelatin supplement  in my morning smoothie.

Bone broth is a great way to get the benefits of gelatin as well.

My kids get it through these amazing candy like gummies I make at home.

Here are some good websites with more recipes for you:

35 Simple Ways to eat more gelatin: http://nourishingjoy.com/simple-ways-to-eat-more-gelatin/

10 Ways to add gelatin to your life: http://www.revivedkitchen.com/2013/06/10-ways-to-add-gelatin-to-your-life/

Now I would love to hear from you!

Did you, or did you not lose your hair after having a baby? Is there something else you find helpful against hair-loss? I would love to know about it!! Share your stories, recommendations and ideas in the comment section below.