New Seminar! Meal Planning For Busy Moms (And Dads)

Before meeting with a new client (most times it would be the mom), I always ask this question:

“What is your #1 challenge around your family’s nutrition?”

They might say something like this:

“The time it takes to get organized for a good meal… From creating a weekly menu to then breaking down the weekly menu by shopping list to then shopping and preparing. I’m never organized enough to do that so when it comes to preparing it or shopping for it I almost always feel flustered and anxious about what to make and then about the poor choices I’ve made
Feeding kids is challenging. No one can argue that! It is even harder when you know that your child is very particular about what he or she likes and are not excited about trying new things.”

Or like this:
“any good tips on how to minimize time spent in the kitchen (while still making healthy meals)? I feel like all I do is cook and clean, cook and clean … even though I don’t cook anything complicated at all … it’s just pots and pans and dishes, ugh … I even buy pre-made stuff sometimes and still, crazy!”

7 out of 10 times moms complain about meal planning, organization (or disorganization), the time it takes to put it all together, too many dishes, and so on…

So first of all, I wanted to say that I get it! I am a mom too and struggle with the same issues myself on a daily basis. My biggest challenge is the clean up after the meal, here’s how my kitchen looks like after 10 minutes of eating:

clean up after a meal and a mess in the kitchen

I Have Great News for You!

Since my mission is to help moms make the task of serving nutritious meals easier and more manageable,

I’ve created a full seminar on this topic! Its called Meal Planning For Busy Moms.

We will be talking about 5 Practical Strategies for Saving Time in the Kitchen, Tricks and Hacks on Substantially Shortening Meal Prep Time and How to be More Efficient in the Kitchen, so that you have some extra time for yourself (and you don’t feel that all you do is cook and clean… cook and clean).

Here are details of the upcoming seminar:

**Date: February 2, 2015**
**Time: 8pm **
**Location: Schwartz Reisman Centre (a.k.a Lebovic Campus)**
Cost: $20+HST (for gym members), $25+HST (for non-members)

Can’t Attend? Read Below.

So sorry you can’t make it to the seminar! But don’t worry, here’s what you can do:

Do you have a small group of mommy friends (minimum 5 moms) who might be interested in learning about Meal Planning For Busy Moms? Let’s schedule an exclusive date just for your group! For more details send me an email (

To your family’s health!