Thriving (not just surviving) The Holidays Season (ep-84)

Hey Divas!

Today on the show I am giving you some practical and tangible advice/ideas/strategies to help you not only survive the stressful holiday season but actually thrive in it!

If you feel like the holiday season is causing you extreme amounts of stress, anxiety, discomfort, confusion, annoyance, heart palpitations, financial or emotional chaos, or if you feel like this time of the year causes you to abandon your health and self-care goals then this episode is for you!

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Here’s to a relaxed, calm and joyful holiday season!

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Podcast Transcript:

  1. Do not overschedule yourself – it’s ok to say no! You have the right to choose where you are going to go. Give yourself permission to be selective about who and where you are going to spend your time and energy with.
  2. Don’t over commit – don’t say you’re going to make four desserts and a main dish. Keep it simple and easy and don’t be afraid to allocate. So what if you were the one always hosting the family potluck. This year it’s ok to say that you’re not doing it.
  3. Don’t overcommit yourself financially! Hosting is a big expense. Get through the expectations. Gifts and food are out of control during the holiday season! Remember that you have the choice, no one is forcing you to do anything! You have full authority to do what fills you up!
  4. It’s ok to stay only with the kids! Isn’t it about the kids anyway?
  5. Don’t overdo sugar and alcohol – Are you using this to soothe your feelings? Are you eating your feelings? If you are still sensitive then consciously avoid it. Alcohol is a depressant!
  6. What can you do to have a better self-care? So many women use the holiday season to completely abandon all of their health goals, they stop eating healthy, they stop working out and they lose control with alcohol and sugar. Don’t do that!
  7. Stay on track with sleep, workout, and hydrate yourself! 
  8. Protect your energy from negativity. If you always feel shitty in certain circumstances don’t go! That’s ok!
  9. Dodge unwelcome questions. You’re welcome to pivot the conversation mindfully and respectfully. This is not about being rude. This is another form of taking care of you!
  10. When you need to leave, leave! Take the kids and go. You can always call later and explain what happened. No hard feelings.
  11. Don’t fight your blue feelings. Sometimes we’re just sad. It’s ok. We’re human. Sit the the emotion instead of numbing it.
  12. Volunteer – give back. Can you get yourself to spend some time to give to someone at need. Food bank, package gifts for orphans, maybe volunteer at an animal shelter. This is a great and proven way to uplift yourself and also to inspire your children to do the same. What is life about? It is about being connected to others, not only to be immersed in your own little world. The more you give, the more you are connected to other people who you might even not know and see if this changes how you feel. Tell the story of the rabbi who every year left the village he was leading to help a widdow woman with food and help her around the house without letting anyone know about this. This is true greatness, it is not about letting everyone know or bragging about it, keep it quiet, humble and focus on the act of kindness instead of the

Let’s just stop to do things that we should, could or would do and let’s start doing what we want. Not what someone else wants us to do. This is not about being rude, this is not about moving away from everyone and hiding. This is about self-agency, self advocacy, showing up for yourself and taking care of yourself in a world of women who chronically neglect themselves.

As women, we know really well how to take care of our children, our spouses, our siblings, heck we even have some really wise advice for our neighbour who smokes weed daily! But nothing for ourselves. Oh no, this is too much to ask.

Ladies, let’s be honest, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves.

This is why taking a break, taking a nap, taking yourself on a solo date, buying something for yourself feels selfish. This is why we regularly ignore our soul aches and deny ourselves of the things we need to feel joyful and happy again.

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Sending you much love & healing!